Fighting Between Boy Scouts Begins

Third installment about Scouts heroically recreating the 1899 Siege of Mafeking.

The goal of the “war” is to secure the British Flag, which is hidden somewhere in British Territory, or to capture Queen Victoria, who is still prancing around in his dress. If the Boers capture the Flag or the Queen, they are victorious. If the British protect their symbols of power, they are the winners. There will be three 20 minutes battles with a ten-minute truce between each round of fighting to allow for rearming and communication. There are no prisoners or time outs for wounded soldiers. There is only honor and glory for the winning side.

There is no escaping the dough

The only referee is dressed in a Teddy Roosevelt costume, puffing on a fake cigar. (Roosevelt was an early supporter of Scouting in America.) He blows an air horn to start the first round of the battle, then steps back quickly to avoid the first volley of water, flour, and unidentifiable projectiles. After the air clears, the Boers launch an attack straight into the middle of the British line, trying to capture Queen Victoria, who is still prancing like a praying mantis by the trees. When it seems like the British line is surely going to break, one of the adult advisors turns the catapult and begins spraying the enemy with flour bombs. The Boers pause, then retreat, their heads covered in white powder that will eventually turn into dough as they get hit with water balloons. The British cheer as the Boers run back to their side for cover. Teddy Roosevelt blows the air horn, ending round one. Both sides rearm.

When round two begins, the Boers again attack straight up the middle. This time, the British line breaks and hand to hand combat ensues. Nerf swords, flour grenades, super soakers, and Greco Roman wrestling moves dominate the battlefield. Winners press losers backwards or down into the mud. Queen Victoria, still prancing, is cornered near the British Armory. Buckets are water are being poured on the defenders. The Boers discover the British flag and begin to celebrate. Too soon as it turns out.

Adult in Dreadlocks Goes Postal

The British army, led by an adult wearing Jamaican dreadlocks (Jamaica is also a British colony) counterattacks with a vengeance. Mr. Deadlocks empties 25 lbs of flour on the heads of the invaders before getting to the tub of water balloons, where he begins frenetically chucking them at everyone in the area. The Boers, confused by the vision of an adult in dreadlocks going postal on the little Scouts, become confused and lose their cohesion.

The other adults and older Scouts from both armies, now inspired, rush into the fight. Mayhem ensues as flour fills the air, creating a weird white fog through which soldiers can be seen sloshing around in the mud, trying to maintain their footing. When the horn ends round two, every man left on the battlefield is covered with flour, mud, or worse.

Covered with flour, mud, and worse

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