Best Hiking Hats for Outdoor Adventurers

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Our Winner: Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Function over fashion––that’s what the outdoors is really about. And the Sunday Afternoon Ultra Adventure embodies this principle better than any other hat we know.  While the styling may be a little too retro for a few fashion-conscious outdoorspersons, this hat offers the kinda performance that will quickly make … Read more

How to Use a Compass without a Map

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Navigating without a map is a real pain. A pain that many of us—the author included—have endured at some point in our hiking careers.   If you suffered a similar lapse of memory or thoroughness when packing for your hike, would you be able to navigate to safety? If the answer is “no”, never fear—we’re here … Read more

How to Read a Map

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If there’s one must-have skill every hiker and camper should learn, it’s how to read a map. Arming yourself with this knowledge not only reduces the risk of getting lost, but also makes navigating from A to B much safer, stress-free… …and much less likely to land you at point Z somewhere between the two! … Read more

How to Take a Compass Bearing

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Knowing how to take compass bearings is one of the most vital skills every backcountry adventurer should learn. Doing so allows you to establish your whereabouts, plot a course, and navigate with accuracy in any terrain. We all know that compasses display the four cardinal directions: north, south, west, and east. But using such vague indicators to … Read more