Best Hiking Leggings For Sweat Free Hiking Adventures

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Hiking Pants Vs. Hiking Leggings While they seem similar on the surface, hiking pants and hiking leggings tend to serve different purposes. While you can use both as a single layer for specific situations, there are notable differences between the two. Hiking Pants: Better used as a mid or top layer More durable Insulates against … Read more

Best Hammock Bug Net For A Bug-Free Nights Sleep

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Choosing The Right Hammock Mosquito Net Materials Mesh Protection Arguably the most important part of the product is the level of bug protection you can derive from the mesh material. To get adequate protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects whilst hammock camping a typical standard for most bug netting is a denier 75D material. … Read more

Best Hammock Tarp for a Dry Night’s Sleep

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Photo by Oisin Patenall / CC BY-SA 2.0 Further reading: Bought a hammock for camping trips & need a little advice? Considerations When Buying A Hammock Tarp Best Tarp Size To keep you warm and dry a good size tarp for hammock camping must firstly cover your whole hammock. In general, a tarp should overhang by at … Read more

Best Canvas Tent For Camping & Hunting in 2022

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The Benefits of Canvas Tents PROS Breathability – While not always as breathable as certain synthetic fibers, cotton is inherently breathable yet has additional benefits. Quiet – One area where canvas outshines almost every synthetic material is in how quiet it is – no annoying crinkling and rustling! Insulation – Other than for a couple … Read more