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The high-adventure parts of Scouting are critical in the development of young men. Scout backpacking is different than other backpacking because it fosters camaraderie and leadership within the Troop and the Patrol – not just from the hike, but also because of all the time the groups spends together getting ready for the actual 50 miler.  Scout backpacking and other high-adventure activities provide an opportunity for life-changing learning experiences – it is fun and challenging at the same time.  Every Scout should complete at least one 50-miler or go to Philmont before they are a serious Eagle candidate.



  1. I put together this course for our troop. I’m offering it for our district and any others that might be interested. I’d like to offer it to anyone interested. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s51/sh/d48ef3a9-5095-44b4-8855-6ed2479e65af/dcb29f9cac49b80caf478fe38cc453fc

    They are powerful free tools for those who do like to use a GPS, or the GPS feature on other devices.
    They are great for printing. They are also great for planning your trips too. It’s nice to see the profile of how hard your route is, so you can break it up in Scout sized chunks based on difficulty.

    By the way I found your site because I’m looking for people interested in hiking to 11,000 out of Bishop, CA some time in the next month to go fishing the high lakes up there. It’s about a 4000ft climb. Bill 916-508-8779

  2. Mr. Dub Zero says:

    Thanks Marc. Yoou are really going to like the pack – and have fun on your trip.

  3. Marc says:

    I know you! I bought that pack that you said was really popular with boy scouts! This is a really cool website. I am actually going on a 30-mile trip over spring break!

  4. Jeff says:

    Mike… It was nice to meet you today… thanks for all your help. Great to meet another scout leader!

  5. Mr. Dub Zero says:

    Hello. Yes, I helped you with your backpack. Thanks for posting and have fun at Philmont.

  6. sam akacsos says:

    Hey! is this the man from REI that helped me with my backpack today? i came in with a gregor 65 and left with a mars 80. is this the man?

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