ENO Solopod Hammock Stand Review

ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand

There are times when it’s not possible to find two trees or posts that are perfectly spaced to suspend your hammock. This has been an ongoing problem for most of us hammock enthusiasts. It’s frustrating when you have to make do with a less than ideal situation. 

The ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand eliminates the problem with a solution that can be used almost anywhere.

The ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand comes with a stand and two carabiners, and it is ideal for backyard use or for car campers who need to set up convenient sleeping and lounging quarters. It’s quick-lock assembly makes it a cinch to set up (or pack down) without any extra tools, and it’s sturdy base will keep the unit rigidly in place.

This sturdy stand works with a variety of ENO hammocks for fast and easy relaxation and sleeping accommodations. 


  • Powder coated steel holds up to 400 lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive design


  • At 63 lbs this stand is heavy

Bottom line: The ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand is ideal for either car camping or backyard lounging and relaxing.

Things to consider before buying a portable hammock stand

A hammock stand solves the problem of finding perfectly spaced trees to suspend your hammock, but it’s important to note that not all of these stands are created equally. Before you buy a portable hammock stand, there are a few considerations to make to ensure you buy the right one. Here are a few tips for getting the right stand the first time.

Intended use

Determine what situation you plan to use the hammock stand for. A stand for your backyard, is going to require a different set of features compared to one that you want to take on your next camping trip…or do you want one that can do both?

Ease of assembly

A straightforward assembly system means less time working and more time just chilling out in your hammock. Look for components that automatically lock or clip into place – Oldschool nuts and bolts take longer and are parts that are most likely to get lost, likely when your out in the backcountry with nowhere to turn for a replacement.

Weight & Packed Size

Ideally, your hammock stand will be stronger than Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and weigh less than a packet of Oreos. Unfortunately, as we’re still a little way off the super-materials of our science-fiction future you’ll have to compromise. 

Most portable hammock stands are light enough that you can pack them down and “carry” them using a vehicle. That said, there is still a range in the packed size and weight of the products available. So it’s best to check that the stand you’re looking at is something you’d be willing to haul around with you.

If, however, you plan to hammock camp in your own backyard, this likely isn’t so important a metric.

Company Background

Eagles Nest Outfitters, aka ENO, is a company that was started by two Florida Key brothers who loved to attend concerts. The first hammocks they made were for themselves, and they were so comfortable that the two decided to make it a business. They went from selling individual hammocks at campsites and specialty shows to wholesale distribution, becoming a leader in the industry. 

Who is ENO Solopod Stand for?

While we wouldn’t recommend the ENO Solopod for backpackers or hikers because of the weight burden, it is a good choice for car camping where your vehicle can carry the burden of this 63 lbs stand. Alternatively, the SoloPod makes a great addition to your yard furniture if you don’t have adequate anchor points for your hammock in your garden.

Features/specifications & Benefits

ENO - SoloPod Hammock Stand - Outdoor Stand for Camping, Traveling, a Festival, Patio Furniture, or The Beach - Charcoal
  • Compatible Hammock Stand: Works with gathered-end hammocks and can support 400 lbs as a hammock chair
  • Simple Camping Gear: Toolless, quick-release, easy-setup hammock stand; carabiners included
  • Versatile Hammock Accessory: Stand works as patio furniture and decor or a camping accessory
  • Outdoor Hammock Essential: Use this no-slip hammock stand as backyard furniture or camping gear
  • Tree-Friendly: ENO is committed to designing responsibly made products for people and the planet

Strong, sturdy and stable

The SoloPod is solidly constructed from powder coated steel. It weighs 63 pounds when fully assembled the four ball-shaped non-slip feet give it additional stability and safety.

With a weight capacity of 400 lbs, the SoloPod is capable of holding double hammocks (and their occupants) with ease. 

Quick-release parts

The design of SoloPod stand features quick-release components that let you assemble it without any tools required. The slide in and click components can set up in just a few minutes and the SoloPod is just as easy to take down once you have finished using it. 


It’s easy to break the SoloPod down to take along on fishing and camping trips. The packed size is 9 inches in height and 13 inches in width. Thus fitting in with your regular camping gear without taking up a lot of space. Although be warned, at 63 lbs has quite a bit of heft to i.


This durable hammock stand is ideal for outdoor use thanks to its powder-coated steel construction. It holds up under rugged environmental conditions, including heat, cold, UV rays, and moisture. It’s resistant to scratching and rust. This enhances the longevity of the stand for years of dependable use, even if you live in a humid or a rainy climate.

Generous assembled size

The size of the SoloPod when fully assembled is 10 ft 6 inches x 3 ft 1-inch x 4 ft 4 inches. When used with a compatible ENO hammock, it offers plenty of room for comfort. It comes with two carabiners for attaching the hammock.


On the downside, the SoloPod doesn’t come with a case for carrying and transporting it. This problem can be resolved by purchasing a heavy-duty rucksack with dimensions over 12 inches x 14 inches.

This stand is heavy, weighing in at 63 pounds, which makes it too heavy for hiking or backpacking. Although this means it’s not appropriate for situations where you need to carry it around in a backpack, it transports well when taken in a vehicle. 

Technically the stand is designed specifically for an ENO hammock, however, it can be used with other hammock brands of similar dimensions.


There is little more frustrating than having a comfortable hammock on hand and no place to set it up. Some locations are barren of trees, or if there are any there, they’re not spaced at the right distance for properly suspending a hammock. You can altogether avoid this problem by applying the best solution. 

The ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand addresses this problem because it can be set up in any location where there is room for it to fit. It goes up quickly and easily without the need for tools. The parts lock into place until you’re ready to take them down, and it is compatible with a variety of different ENO hammock models.

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