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brown tick on leaf
Health, Safety & Survival

Tick Bite Danger

One hot afternoon, a new Scout on his first outing ran through the campsite screaming loudly and holding his crotch. Despite the commotion, the other boys barely noticed because they were occupied trying to start a fire with a magnifying glass. After a few seconds, however, I realized what was wrong and said to the closest adult leader, “Better go and get the first aid kit, we need to remove a tick.” It took us more time to chase the boy down and get him to cooperate than it took to pull the tick out. (Please forward this email to your Scouting friends.)

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backpacking folding saw cutting trunk
Health, Safety & Survival

Best Backpacking saw

Looking for the best backpacking saw? We give the rundown on what to consider when purchasing a backpacking saw & let you in on six of our favorites.

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scout backpacker with external frame backpack
Planning & Packing

Choosing a Scout Backpack

Choosing a new backpack for a Scout backpacker is a critical and expensive decision. Our guide is here to help you choose the right boy scout backpack.

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multitool on gray background_FeatImage
Health, Safety & Survival

Best Multi-Tool For Backpacking

When packing light, having a single tool that can do many jobs is a boon. We review & give our recommendation as to the best multitool for backpacking.

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