Best Hammock Bug Net for a Bug-Free Nights Sleep

Overall Winner: Best Hammock Bug Net

Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Hammock Bug Net

Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Hammock Bug Net with Underside and Side Splash Protecton (Black, 11 Foot)

Keep the bugs at bay, with the Outdoor Vitals hammock bug net, which jumps off the screen as one of the best all-around values we encountered and is also priced for budget-friendly expenses. That said, you do not have to give up too much for this value as this is one of the largest hammock bug nets on our list at 11’ or 10’ x 3 ½”.

Better still, the Outdoor Vitals bug net is significantly lighter than most of the competition, too, only tipping the scale at either 8.2 oz or 7.6 oz in weight. While not one of the more compact models that we reviewed, this hammock bug net still performs well during a backpacking trip.

As if the value were not good enough, this is also one of the more durable hammock bug nets on our list with the mesh netting material made out of 20D nylon and a fabric base made out of 15D nylon. However, the real icing on the cake is the Outdoor Vitals bug net’s polyurethane DWR waterproof coating applied to the base.

Bottom Line: The Outdoor Vitals ultralight hammock net does so many of the most important things better than the majority of its competition that the minor flaws are not worth worrying about in most cases.

Choosing the Best Bug Net for Hammock Camping

Hammocks offer one of the oldest forms of bedding outdoors with the benefit of providing you with a great view of the night time sky as you drift off to sleep. Of course, hammocks are not ideal for all conditions and require additional cover during the rain or quilts in the cold.

However, one of the worst things about being outdoors, let alone sleeping in it, is the risk of mosquitos and other bugs. There is seldom a bigger bane to the enjoyment of the outdoors than bugs and biting insects deciding to spend the night with you.

Thankfully, you can always get a bug net for protection from these creepy crawlies, though figuring out which one can be a bit tricky. That is why we put together a list of the seven best hammock bug net reviews of 2020, highlighting what each one is best at. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can identify the features that offer you the most value.

Looking for the Best Hammock Bug Net?

You’re in the right place! In this guide we will be covering the following:

  • Break down which factors to consider when choosing a hammock mosquito net
  • Favor space, durability, and protection over other features
  • Review 7 of the best hammock bug nets on the market
  • Give our unbiased view no the #1 hammock mosquito net.

Choosing The Right Hammock Mosquito Net


Mesh Protection

Arguably the most important part of the product is the level of protection from bugs you can derive from the mesh material. To get adequate protection from mosquitos and other biting insects a denier 75D material will be sufficient and is the typical standard for most mosquito nets.

Most bug net mesh is made out of polyester or nylon, though the strength of those materials can vary a bit. Oddly enough, the denier rating of hammock mosquito net mesh does not correlate with price, meaning you can get an incredibly strong net at a low cost.

Floors, Seams & Waterproofing Elements

Some bug nets incorporate other materials for strategic purposes or as part of additional features. These sections tend to be made out of similar synthetic fabrics but often include other qualities too. One of the more common examples of this are waterproof sections that use a polyurethane DWR coating.

Ease of Use

Setup & Breakdown

Most hammock bug nets require you to run a ridgeline through the net and then either tie or cinch the net. Cinching tends to be easier with less risk of the ties loosening, but it can be difficult for larger hammock bug nets.

Entry & Exit

Another element of ease regarding hammock bug nets is how easy it is for you to get in or out of them. This generally comes down to the placement and arrangement of the zipper, assuming the model comes with one. A hammock insect net without a zipper will be much more challenging to get into or out of, but even a zipper can be tricky depending on how it is positioned.

Weight & Packed Size

These qualities matter more if you plan to take the bug net backpacking and less if you just drive up to the campsite. For backpackers going hammock camping, the weight is almost always a critical consideration with anything weighing less than 1 pound is a good pick.

In terms of packed size, the important can depend on the design of the carry sack with some larger packed bug nets, including carabiners, to make carrying them more manageable. That said, any packed bug net with measurements around 6” is a solid choice.

Unfolded Size

This factor depends on the size of the hammock you use and the amount of interior space you want. The unfolded size is another quality that does not seem to be tied to price, with there being many larger budget-friendly hammock insect nets.

Another thing to consider is that narrow bug nets may not sit off of your skin, in which case bug bites may still happen through the netting. While not necessarily as important, some people might want to make sure that the bug net provides plenty of headroom too.

Extra Features


While this is not common, some high-end bug nets include places to store your gear at night. While you likely keep most of your gear packed up, it is always nice to have a spot to place certain items that you would otherwise want to take into the bug net with you. Plus there is nothing worse than waking up, and finding bugs crawling all over your boots and pack.


Less common that storage, other high-end bug nets include a floor as part of their design. This offers multiple benefits, but an obvious benefit is that you can store your gear with you in the bug net. Some of these models are large enough to house a dog, let alone your pack. If you look for a bug net with a floor, make sure that it is made out of waterproof materials and uses a bathtub design to keep everything dry.


Like the other extra features, a bug net with a ridgeless design is not all that common but offers some unique benefits. With a ridgeline, the bug net blocks part of your view of the night sky– assuming you do not need to use a tarp. A ridgeless bug net, on the other hand, threads a spreading pole between the top edges of the product at the middle point. This construction also has the added advantage of keeping the sides of the mesh netting off of your skin.

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Best Hammock Bug Net: The Results

Kammok Dragonfly

Easiest Hammock Bug Net

As a company focused primarily on camp sleeping goods, it comes as little surprise that the brand’s bug net is well made, but this model offers features no other we reviewed do. By far, one of the best qualities of the Kammok Dragonfly is its additional storage that includes three interior gear attachment loops as well as an integrated stuff sack.

Of course, the stuff sack is not meant to hold your gear, but it can serve in that capacity if you need it to and is one of the main reasons that the Kammok Dragonfly hammock mosquito net packs down smaller than most to only 7 ½” x 4 ½”. Keeping in mind that the packed size allows this bug net to travel a bit easier, Dragonfly went ahead and made sure that the weight of 9.8 oz fits perfectly for a backpacker’s needs.

That said, as a more specialized company, Dragonfly cannot afford to sell their products at a low price, so this may not be the best option if you need a budget-friendly product. On top of that, the Kammok Dragonfly bug net’s mesh is not nearly as durable as some of the other entries, which further calls into question its value.

Thankfully, the inclusion of 2-way YKK zippers means you do not have to worry about struggling to get out of your bug net in the middle of the night. The knotless cord design also makes setting up the Kammok Dragonfly bug net easier than others without the worry of lines loosening as you sleep.


  • Keeps the bugs at bay
  • Easy setup
  • Only weighs 9.8 oz
  • Packs down to 7 ½” x 4 ½”
  • Has additional storage


  • Is more expensive
  • Not the most durable

Bottom Line: Aside from the fact it keeps bugs at bay, the Kammock Dargonfly bug net is not the easiest option on our list to use, but it is also convenient with additional storage and a connected packing bag.

Guardian SL Hammock Bug Net

Best Backpacking Hammock Bug Net

ENO or Eagles Nest Outfitters is another company that focuses primarily on hammocks and their accessories but has recently branched out to other backpacking gear as well. That being the case, it should come as little surprise that the ENO Guardian SL is our best backpacking hammock bug net.

There are a couple of factors that make this entry such a useful backpacking hammock net with arguably the most important being that it only weighs 9 oz. On top of that, the ENO Guardian bug net packs down smaller than any other product we reviewed to a compact 6” x 4 ½”.

Unfortunately, the ENO Guardian SL hammock mosquito net achieves this lightweight and compact design by being the smallest option on our list at only 9’ x 3’. On top of that, it can be difficult setting up this hammock bug net in the first place and does not get any easier entering or exiting it once you do.

Still, the ENO Guardian SL intends to provide a similar level of quality as ENO’s flagship hammock protection nets and is an excellent option for budget-strapped campers. Even better, this is one of the more durable models that we encountered with a SkyWeave Lite mesh made out of 40D ripstop nylon, which further increases the ENO Guardian SL’s value.


  • Is more durable
  • Only weighs 9 oz
  • Packs down to 6” x 4 ½”
  • Is less expensive


  • Not that roomy
  • Not the easiest

Bottom line: The ENO Guardian SL bug net offers a similar quality as ENO’s flagship model for durability but is significantly lighter and more compact as well as a great value.

ENO Guardian Base Camp

Best Full-Length Hammock Bug Net

ENO Guardian Base Camp Product Image

The ENO Guardian Base Camp hammock bug net is the company’s flagship model and provides something that none of the competition does: a floor. While it may seem somewhat simple at first, the inclusion of a floor drastically increases the versatility of this hammock mosquito net.

For example, many people like to bring their dog along with them when camping but worry about their pet suffering from the same bugs their owners are protected from. Thankfully, the ENO Guardian Base Camp bug net is large enough to accommodate a dog or even additional gear inside of its spacious interior.

Of course, as the company’s flagship model, you should expect to experience some sticker shock as the ENO Guardian Base Camp is not an inexpensive option. It also does not help that the floor and additional netting significantly increase the weight of this bug net to 2 lbs 12 oz, which is more than a pound heavier than the next heaviest entry.

Still, the extra cost and weight might be worth it as the ENO Guardian Base Camp bug net’s floor uses a bathtub design to ensure that any gear housed within stays dry. On top of that, this camping hammock bug net affords more headroom than most and offers a bit more privacy with a tighter weave than most of the competition.


  • Extends to the ground
  • Has a waterproof floor
  • Provides more headroom
  • Provides more privacy


  • Is more expensive
  • Is a heavier bug net

Bottom line: The ENO Guardian Base Camp bug net is the only model on our list that extends to the ground, making it roomier than most and protection for pets too.

Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Hammock Bug Net

Most Waterproof Hammock Bug Net

Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Hammock Bug Net with Underside and Side Splash Protecton (Black, 11 Foot)
  • Side Splash Protection DWR treated underside
  • 360° Bug Protection with a spacious interior perfect for relaxing
  • Weighing only 7.7 ounces, Outdoor Vitals Hammock Bug Net easily stuffs into included storage bag. Also includes 3mm ridgeline so you can hang it anywhere. Unfolded Dimensions (L x W) 9' x3.5'
  • Fits all Outdoor Vitals Hammocks

Outdoor Vitals may not specialize the same way that some of its competition does, but that did not prevent it from making the best waterproof hammock bug net that we encountered. This begins with the inclusion of a fabric base made out of 15D nylon with a polyurethane DWR waterproof coating.

Even better, this bug net provides one of the more generally durable builds we found with a mesh netting made out of 20D nylon. While a durable, waterproof construction is excellent, the Outdoor Vitals bug net outdid themselves by making this one of the largest options we saw at 11’ or 10’ x 3’6’.

That said, the latter part of that measurement hints at one of this bug net’s flaws, which is significantly less headroom than some of the opposition. It can also be challenging to set up, requiring you to seal the bug net off while inside of and on your hammock, something shorter people find difficult.

Still, the Outdoor Vitals bug net is one of the more budget-friendly options on our list, with its overall solid build increasing its value well above the sticker price. As if that were not enough, this bug net is also good for backpacking as it only weighs 8.2 oz or 7.6 oz, depending on which model you use.


  • Is 10’/11’ x 3’6”
  • Only weighs 8.2 oz
  • Is more durable
  • Is less expensive


  • Not the most headroom
  • Not the easiest

Bottom line: The Outdoor Vitals hammock bug net checks so many boxes compared to its competition from durability to waterproofing to weight and size that its value is almost unquestioned.

Wise Owl Outfitters Snugnet

Roomiest Hammock Bug Net

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net - The SnugNet Mosquito Net for Bugs - Premium Quality Mesh Netting is a Guardian for Mosquitos, No See Um and Insects - Perfect Accessory for Your Hammocks
  • No Bugs Guaranteed - You don’t want to be bit and bothered. We promise to keep the bugs out! The best no-see-um mosquito & insect mesh netting you can buy. Stay bite-free while you are enjoying the outdoors.
  • Breathable Spacious & Diagonal Lay - Not only are you bug free it is also roomy, comfortable and you keep your great view. Our larger bug net gives you tons of head room, very clear see through netting and allows diagonal lay in your favorite hammock.
  • The Best Zippers - Very durable double sided zipper so you can unzip inside or outside. Longest ridge line available (30 feet) so you don’t run out of rope. Lots of space measuring at 11ft x 4.5ft with super easy and durable clips to attach to ridgeline.
  • Covers Any Size Hammock - Everything you need! Super lightweight and cinches easily to any size hammock, even a double. Waterproof ripstop compression bag and 30 foot ridgeline. Perfect for camping, backyard fun, backpacking, hiking and any other outdoor activity you and your family enjoy.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - So you don’t have to wonder if you are risking your hard-earned money. If you don’t love it just let us know. We take great pride in taking care of our awesome customers. Don’t take our word for it… just look at our reviews.

Like with a few companies on our list, Wise Owl Outfitters specializes exclusively in hammocks and their accessories but avoids the specialization upcharge and sells this model at a surprisingly low price. Even better, the Wise Owl Outfitters Snugnet accomplishes this feat without skimping on the size of the bug net which measures 11’ x 4’6”.

This larger overall size not only provides ample room for stretching out, but it also provides a bit more headroom than many of the other options we came across. Further increasing the value of the Wise Owl Outfitters Snugnet bug net is the use of 210T ripstop nylon for the mesh.

On the other hand, you always have to pay for a budget-friendly value somewhere, and with the Wise Owl Outfitters Snugnet, that cost comes in weight, which tips the scales at 1 lb 4 oz– our second-heaviest bug net reviewed. Also, while the mesh netting and seams of this bug net are durable, the zippers do not fare as well.

Still, as long as you are careful, the fact that this bug net employs a double zipper system, making getting into and out it that much easier. Also, while the Wise Owl Outfitters Snugnet may be a bit heavier than preferred, it still packs down in a surprisingly compact profile at only 6” x 6”.


  • Is 11’ x 4’6”
  • Is more durable
  • Packs down to 6” x 6”
  • Is less expensive


  • Is a more substantial bug net
  • Not the best zippers

Bottom line: The Wise Owl Outfitters Snugnet is not the absolute best in many categories but ranks highly in most of them and provides the most space when you factor headspace into the equation.

Foxelli XL Hammock Net

Best Double Hammock Bug Net

Foxelli XL Hammock Net – 12ft Net for Hammocks, Lightweight Portable Hammock Netting, Fast and Easy Set Up, Fits All Camping Hammocks
  • STAY SAFE: Hammocks are made for relaxing in the great outdoors. But one thing that’s sure to ruin the mood is being left with itchy bites on your body. This net offers a 360-degree comfort zone while sleeping in any hammock bed. Enjoy 100% full coverage, breathability, ventilation, and super fine mesh netting.
  • BIGGER + BETTER: Compare our 12’ X 4.4’ extra large size to competing brands. This one of the biggest hammock nets on the market today. Its giant size offers plenty of room when used with single or double hammocks, two people, or one person laying diagonally. It’s spacious, comfortable and can be used with all camping hammocks and rain flys of all sizes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT + PORTABLE: While it’s made of a heavy duty mesh material, it still weighs only 16 oz. That’s it! It’s light and compact design is ideal to take with you when backpacking, camping, hiking or embarking on any outdoor adventure. Netting easily fits into its included stuff sack for portability and storage when not in use.
  • SIMPLE SET UP: Foxelli Hammock Net comes complete with everything you’ll need to easily set up your hammock net cover in just seconds. An extra-long ridgeline is included (25 feet), as well as a convenient dual sided vertical zipper for easy in and out access, which are all must have accessories for any hammock camping set.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Don’t worry about missing Amazon’s 30-day return window. We Offer a 120-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee with a 1-year warranty for defects. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. Buy with confidence!

Unlike most of its competition, Foxelli does not specialize in hammocks or their accessories, which is likely part of the reason it can sell its XL bug net for such a low price. Like with a couple of other budget-friendly models, this low cost does not seem to reduce the overall value either.

For example, the Foxelli XL bug net measures in as the largest model on our list at 12’ x 4’4 ½”. While this size provides for a more spacious interior and more headroom, it also means that the Foxelli XL bug net is the only option that we reviewed, which is large enough for a double hammock.

On the other hand, this bug net suffers from the same size issue that other larger models do as it does not pack down quite as well with an 11” x 9 ⅘” profile. To compound this issue, the Foxelli XL hammock bug net is also one of the heavier models at 1 pound, making it a poor choice for backpacking.

Still, this bug net is somewhat durable with reliable double zippers and the material has reinforced double-stitched seams. It is also easier to use the Foxelli XL bug net thanks to the inclusion of knot-free cord locks.


  • Works for single and double hammocks
  • Is 12’ x 4’4 ½”
  • Has more headroom
  • Easy to use
  • Is less expensive


  • Heavier weight than competitors
  • Not the most compact

Bottom line: The Foxelli XL bug net lives up to its name as the largest option that we reviewed and is the only model on our list that can truly offer protection from bugs in a double hammock.

Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net

Best Protection Hammock Bug Net

Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net Product Image

Our last entry comes from another generalist company, and the Sea to Summit bug net leans heavily on the protection it provides more than other qualities. This comes through most notably in the form of the mesh’s tight weave, which packs 500 holes/sq in and is one of the best weaves we found.

Another impressive quality of the Sea to Summit bug net is the absence of a ridgeline and inclusion of a spreader bar instead. This arrangement prevents the ridgeline from impeding your view of the night sky while lounging and eliminates the openings that plague some other bug nets we saw.

Sadly, Sea to Summit’s reputation precedes them as the Sea to Summit bug net is not budget-friendly but also does not increase its value in too many other ways either. This bug net is cramped at 9’8” x 2’7” and heavy at 13.4 oz, making it less than ideal for backpacking or comfort.

Though, if you have the ounces to spare and want to make sure you get a good view, the packed size of 7” x 4 ½” offers a compact profile to take backpacking. It also does not hurt that the absence of a ridgeline makes setting up the Sea to Summit bug net much more straightforward than some of its competitors.


  • Has 500 holes/sq in mesh material
  • Easy to use
  • Packs down to 7” x 4 ½”
  • Does not use a ridgeline


  • Is more expensive
  • Heavy weight

Bottom Line: The Sea to Summit bug net provides some of the best nettings we came across with 500 holes/sq in while also opting for a design that eschews the ridgeline.

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