Best Portable Folding Hammock for On the Move Relaxation

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Best Portable Folding Hammock

Bliss Hammocks Portable Hammock with Stand

Bliss Hammocks Q-806BJR Stow EZ Portable Hammock with Stand and Canopy, Brown Jacquard

The Bliss Hammocks Q-806BJR Stow EZ Portable Hammock takes the award for the overall best portable folding hammock. Its combination of comfort, options, and easy transport won out over several strong competitors.

This model offers superior comfort. Users raved about the quality relaxation they received while lying on the hammock. While this hammock stretches tight, looking more like a bed than a hammock, it provides a luxurious place to relax.

Setting up and breaking down quickly and easily, with a sturdy steel frame unfolds and locks into place without any stress.

This folding hammock with stand arrives with all the options. It offers a pillow, cup holder, and magazine holder. A canopy easily installs for shade. A mesh shelf below to keep possessions off the ground, making it an excellent option for beach use.

The wheels on this fold-up hammock represent the final perk raising it above the rest. The wheels stick out of the carry bag, allowing you to roll it rather than carry it on your shoulder. As the folding hammock weighs 24 pounds, the wheels make transporting it much less of a chore.

Bottom line: Bliss’s offering has everything you could want in a folding hammock and provides excellent comfort at the same time.

What to Consider While Buying Portable Hammocks with Stand

Looking for an Awesome Folding Hammock?

You’re in the right place! In this guide, we will be covering the following:

    • What are the important considerations when buying
    • Reviews of several of the top folding hammocks
    • Our opinion on the best choice of portable folding hammock

Portable folding hammocks provide hours of fun and relaxation. The portability untethers you from a single location, allowing you to relax in your hammock at home or away. Superior hammocks set up quickly and easily and enable stress-free entry and exit. Well built stands keep you from feeling as if you will fall out of the hammock, allowing you to rest without continually balancing.

The best foldable hammock in our research, the Bliss Hammocks Q-806BJR Stow EZ Folding Hammock, is easily moved and easily transported. However, all of the hammocks in our research feature quick and easy set-up and different options, meaning that you should consider all of them before making a decision.

What to Consider While Buying a Hammock with Stand

Finding the best folding hammock will depend on how you want to use it. Some people only want them for their backyard others want hammocks for backcountry hiking. You should consider the following characteristics to determine which hammock best suits you.

  • Where do you want to use the hammock?
  • Is the hammock just for you, or will others also use it?
  • What options do you want with your hammock?
  • Will, you only be sleeping in the hammock, or will you engage in other activities, such as reading?

Keep these questions in mind as we discuss the different attributes of folding hammocks. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you decide which hammock fits you the best.


The most important feature of any hammock is comfort. You want a hammock you can relax in for hours without shifting positions too often or making you feel stiff when you exit.

Several of the hammocks in our survey lack sway. These hammocks generally stretch tight due to having multiple points of attachment on each end of the hammock. These hammocks offer stress-free entry and exit to the hammock. They may not provide the best solution for multiple occupants.

Remember to consider how you wish to lay in the hammock to determine which type of hammock suits you best.

Weight Ratings and Capacity

Some people want a hammock only for themselves, and you should leave them alone when they enter it. Others would prefer to share the hammock with someone. Many people know that if their cat or dog catches them in the hammock, the pet will join them for a siesta.

Not all hammocks allow for multiple occupants. The hammocks in our survey possess weight capacities between 220 and 450 pounds. The lighter end only allows for single occupancy, while the higher weight capacities should accommodate two people and their pets.

Do not confuse weight capacity with durability. Hammocks on the lower end of the weight capacity spectrum may last as many years as those on the higher end. Weight capacity only influences how many people and pets enter the hammock with you, not how long it will last.

The size of the hammock also impacts whether you can add multiple occupants. Some of the hammocks in our survey may not comfortably fit you and your pet, even if you do not reach the stated weight capacity. You should verify the dimensions of the hammock if you expect to have frequent guests.


The products in our survey weigh between 1.2 and 35 pounds. A 1.2-pound hammock can travel with you anywhere, even into the deepest trails of the backcountry. Some ultralight models remain comfortable enough to allow overnight sleeping.

However, a hammock weighing only one or two pounds lacks a stand, meaning you need supports, such as trees, to support your hammock. The lack of a frame severely limits your ability to use the hammock at a beach, outdoor concert, or park. These products probably work best on the trail, at a campsite, or in a backyard with several trees.

Futher reading: Check out our guide on how to hammock camp for beginners.

The heavier models, while not suitable for hiking, do have features allowing for easier transport. Some have wheels that will enable you to roll the hammock instead of carrying it on your back. Other models weigh ten pounds or less, allowing easy transport when strapped to your back. The heavier hammocks, those in the 35-pound range, work best when removed from a car and immediately set up without much walking.


Durability measures how many years the hammock will last. At any price point, you expect the hammock to last more than one season. However, most will be searching for a product that last three to five years at a minimum.

The first indicator of durability is frame construction. If the frame features a sturdy construction and superior design, it should last several years. Weaker frames could crack or rust in a much shorter time. While most people look at the fabric of the hammock, frame construction merits as much attention.

The quality of the hammock fabric also determines how long it will last. Quality construction and durable materials could allow for several years of use. Weaker fabrics may tear in the first year of use.

Additional Features

Many hammocks arrive with the frame, fabric, and nothing else. These basic models work quite well, and many receive high marks from users and typically cost less.

By contrast, some offer a host of options. Some offer pillows, magazine holders, cup holders, and mesh shelves underneath the hammock to keep your possessions off the ground. Several of the models reviewed arrived with canopies to protect you from the sun. One hammock in our survey includes mosquito netting.

The type of options you desire will influence your purchase. A barebones hammock works quite well, but you may wish to treat yourself to all of the choices you can find.


Can you take a hammock hiking?

We do not recommend taking any hammock with a stand hiking. The extra weight will prevent you from enjoying the hike. Stick to hammocks without frames, which tend to way closer to two pounds.

Can you leave a foldable hammock outside

We do not recommend leaving folding hammocks outside. They lack the design to serve as permanent outdoor fixtures. While you may leave it out for a night or two, we generally recommend that you take them down between uses.

Will hammocks with stands fit in the car?

Hammocks with stands fit comfortably in your trunk. Most come with carrying bags and offer compact storage.

How long will hammocks typically last?

Cared for properly, your hammock will last several years. You should expect to receive five years or more of enjoyment from your product with the correct care.

The Best Folding Hammocks Reviewed

Pure Garden Foldable Hammock

Easiest to Set Up

Pure Garden Portable Hammock with Stand-Folds and Fits into Included Carry Bag for Easy Travel-Perfect for Backyard, Pool, Beach, Hiking and More

The Pure Garden Fold and Go Hammock wins the award for easiest to set up. This model unfolds like an accordion. Once unfolded, you can complete the set up by inserting the pins and looping the ends of the fabric over the hooks on the poles. The set up should take less than a minute.

The canvas construction provides you with a soft and durable resting place. Some users found the product comfortable enough to use in their house. You will experience some sway but should have no trouble entering and exiting the product. This model contains a weight limit of 250 pounds.

The aluminum frame offers a steady and robust base. It keeps the hammock stable while you rest, allowing you to relax instead of worrying about wobbling. The strength of the construction means that you should receive years of use from this product.

The bag folds up into one similar to those storing large lawn chairs. While some users report that the bag weighs too much to take hiking, many found it excellent for car-accessible campsites, athletic fields, and the beach. It would likely work well for outdoor concerts, fairs, or a quiet day at the park.

  • PROs

    • Quick set-up
    • Soft, comfortable canvas
    • A strong, steady base
  • CONs

    • Weighs too much to transport far on foot

Bottom-Line: The Pure Garden Fold and Go Hammock makes setting up simple, meaning that you will not hesitate to use it often.

Keenso Portable Sleeping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Most Portable

Weighing less than 2 pounds and folding up easily into a small bag, the Keenso Sleeping Hammock wins the prize for the most portable hammock. You can easily transport it anywhere. The hammock lacks a frame, allowing for a significant reduction in weight. The folded up hammock fits in a backpack or could even be attached to your belt.

The mosquito net protects you without impeding your vision. The net unzips, allowing it to move out of your way when it is not needed. With the mosquito net on, you could comfortably sleep outdoors.

You will need trees or posts to set up the hammock. The provided ropes support each end of the hammock with an extra cord to support the mosquito net. The hammock offers carabiners at each end to assist with the set-up. While not quite as simple as some others we reviewed, set up remains quick and easy.

The parachute cloth construction provides a soft and cool cradle while you relax. The material breathes well. It proves quite durable and should last several seasons. This hammock offers a weight capacity of 440 pounds, allowing for multiple occupants.

  • PROs

    • Ultra-lightweight and compact
    • Mosquito netting keeps you insect free
    • Breathable parachute cloth keeps you cool
  • CONs

    • No frame. You have to have trees or posts to set it up.

Bottom-Line: Due to its lightweight, the Keenso Portable Sleeping Hammock goes anywhere, even on long wilderness hikes.

Bliss Hammocks Q-806BJR Stow EZ Portable Hammock

Most Luxurious

Bliss Hammocks Q-806BJR Stow EZ Portable Hammock with Stand and Canopy, Brown Jacquard

The Bliss Hammocks Q-806BJR Stow EZ Portable Hammock ranks as the most luxurious hammock in our research. With a pillow to rest on and canopy to protect you from the sun, this hammock allows you to relax in comfort and style. You can remove the canopy if you want a clear view of the sky. A magazine holder, an underneath cargo mesh net, and a cup holder complete the experience.

The hammock stand features wheels on one end. The wheels protrude from the bottom of the carrying case, allowing you to roll rather than carry the hammock. At a weight of 24 pounds, the wheels make transporting the hammock simple. After setting up the hammock, the wheels do not move, held in place by the weight of the stand, the occupant, and the feet on the other end.

With two attachment points at each end, the hammock will not flip over. The design limits sway, making the hammock nearly stationary. While you may miss the gentle movement, you will appreciate the ease of entering and exiting the hammock. The hammock features a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Users report easy assembly and praise the durability of the hammock. Featuring a steel frame and canvas hammock, you should receive years of pleasure from this product.

  • PROs

    • Removable Canopy
    • Wheels for rolling the hammock & carry bag for easy transportation
    • Magazine holder, cup holder, and mesh net
  • CONs

    • Lack of sway

Bottom-Line: The Bliss Hammocks Q-806BJR Stow EZ Portable Hammock offers everything you need for a relaxing and pampered afternoon and is our pick for the best choice.


Sturdiest Hammock

Zenithen Limited Outdoor Indoor Portable Foldable Metal Framed Lounge Hammock Furniture for Camping, Backyard, and Patio, Full Sized Hammock with Storage, Blue

Featuring four substantial feet at the bottom of the stand, the ZENITHEN LIMITED Guidesman earns the sturdiest hammock title. The feet will hold the product in place, ensuring that you do not wobble or rock while gently swaying on the hammock. You may think that at ten pounds, this model will not remain steady, but the stand design keeps it from moving.

This model offers a cup holder, magazine holder, and under hammock mesh storage. It also comes with a pillow. Like some of the other products we feature, this one only moves slightly. Some users claim that it works more like a cot than a hammock, but the creature comforts make up for any lack of motion. The lack of movement also makes entering and exiting the product easier.

The collapsible steel frame sets up and closes quickly and easily. The polyester fabric easily attaches to the structure during set up. Both appear strong enough to last several years. The weight capacity for this hammock is 225 pounds.

The hammock provides hours of comfort at campsites, backyards, parks, or the beach. While not designed for hiking, you can use it anywhere you can reach by car or a short walk. A carry bag makes transporting simple.

  • PROs

    • The robust and sturdy stand prevents wobbling
    • Cup holder, magazine holder and to keep your possessions off of the ground
    • Easy entry and exit
    • Easy to transport with carry bag
  • CONs

    • Lacks both sway and a canopy

Bottom-Line: The ZENITHEN LIMITED Guidesman provides a strong base, preventing wobbling and tipping while relaxing in the sun.

Mac Sports Portable Fold Up Hammock

Most Versatile

MacSports Portable Fold Up Hammock with Removable Canopy & Carry Case

The Mac Sports Portable Fold Up Hammock’s combination of features and options makes it the most versatile option in our research. This model features a removable canopy, allowing it to use anywhere except on the hiking trail, inside or out, so long as there is no rain. It offers a pillow and mesh shelf.

The canopy rods retract into the hammock itself, making storage easy and preventing you from breaking or losing the rods. The heavy-duty steel frame gives you plenty of strength and should last a long time. The polyester fabric features waterproofing. Mesh accents in the polyester help to keep you cool while napping.

The model lacks sway by design. The lack of sway makes it easier to enter and exit it but may leave you feeling like you are on more of a bed than a traditional hammock. The base of the product helps keep it from wobbling and sports a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Set up and breakdown happen quickly and easily through the frame’s telescoping action. A convenient carry bag allows you to transport it easily. You could leave the product outside, but with the simple set up you probably will not leave it out.

  • PROs

    • Removable canopy with retractable rods
    • Easy entry and exit
    • Sturdy heavy-duty stand
  • CONs

    • Weight makes it challenging to move longer distances despite included carry bag

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Best Looking

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Tropical (450 lb Capacity - Premium Carry Bag Included)

The brilliant colors of the Vivere Double Cotton Foldable Hammock make it the best-looking product in our test. Offered in a variety of colors, both monochrome and vibrant multi-color designs, this folding hammock will catch your eye. It would look great in the backyard, a campsite, or the park.

It comes in three fabrics, 100% cotton, polyester, and sunbrella, giving you the ability to match the material to your needs and your climate.

The product’s 450-pound weight capacity allows it to hold two people comfortably. The higher weight capacity results in part from increased stand weight, made with a powder-coated steel frame. At 35 pounds, you will not tote this foldable hammock too far from the car. The manufacturer offers an optional wheel kit to make moving it easier.

Set up and breakdown are quick and easy. You have several height choices, allowing you to change your distance from the ground and how tight this double hammock feels.

The sturdy construction results in a stout product that should last years. You could leave the stand outside and only bring in the product to make set up easier.

  • PROs

    • Tough powder-coated steel frame
    • Vibrant, multi-color options
    • 450-pound weight capacity
    • Double hammock
  • CONs

    • Weighs 35 pounds, challenging to transport longer distances

Miles Kimball Outdoor Foldable Freestanding Portable Hammock

Best Budget Folding Hammock

Portable Hammock – Space Saving Outdoor Foldable Free-Standing Hammock – Nylon Fabric with Steel Frame and Carrying Bag for Easy Travel

With a simple design and fewer add-ons, the Miles Kimball Outdoor folding hammock stands out as the best budget option in our research. This foldable hammock with stand caters to people who simply want a place to lay their heads, without the added expense and care of pillows, cup holders, and mesh storage.

The model quickly sets up and breaks down. The poles connect easily with the fabric sliding on before the last poles connect. You do not have to tie, hook, or screw any parts to connect them. Within minutes you are relaxing.

This model comes with a carrying case for easy portability. At twelve pounds, you will not bring it on the hiking trail, but you can transport it anywhere else. It would work well at campsites and parks as well as the backyard. This product possesses a weight limit of 220 pounds.

The frame features steel construction, making it durable and likely to last several years. The nylon bed breathes well to keep you cool while relaxing. Because the hammock stretches over powder-coated steel bars at each end, it will not sway.

  • PROs

    • Quick set up
    • Budget-friendly
    • Easy to transport
  • CONs

    • Does not allow much sway

Bottom-Line: The Miles Kimball Outdoor Foldable Freestanding Hammock provides superior comfort at a price point much lower than many competitors, making it the best budget option in our survey.

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