Best Portable Hammock Stand for Easy Lounging

Best Portable Hammock Stand

Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand

Kammok swift portable hammock stand Image

The Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand does not top our list in any one category but consistently gets good marks pretty much across the board and offers features that the competition cannot match. By far, one of the best reasons to get this portable hammock stand comes down to the different configurations it can build.

The Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand is the only model on our list that allows you to set it up differently depending on the hammock or intended use. The standard arrangement will enable you to set up a hammock, much like you would any other stand, but the “short bar” set up allows you to turn your hammock into a seat instead.

Beyond the different configurations the Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand can accommodate, it is also one of the more portable hammock stands that we reviewed. At 17 lbs 6 ⅖ oz, this hammock stand is the second-lightest on our list and packs down smaller than most at 50” x 8 ½” x 8 ½”.

Bottom Line: When you consider how well the Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand travels and combine that with its ability to function in multiple ways, it is easy to see why this is our Overall Winner.

Choosing the Best Portable Stand for a Hammock

Looking for a Portable Stand for Hammock Chillaxing?

You’re in the right place! In this guide, we will be covering the following:

    • Cover the most important qualities in portable hammock stands
    • Review some of the top portable stands for hammock lounging & camping
    • Our unbiased pick for the Best Portable Hammock Stand

Hammocks are one of the oldest and most reliable forms of bedding available, whether you use it to sleep on or just to lounge around in. However, hammocks are not self-contained objects as their proper functioning requires some form of support to keep them elevated.

While trees are the traditional support historically used to stabilize hammocks, not every place has the proper trees available to hold up a hammock. While hammock stands can alleviate this issue, most models are designed to be used at a single location where they remain rather than take on the go.

That is why we put together a list of the best portable hammock stands on the market, highlighting what each one does best. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can figure out which portable hammock stand is the best to take with you the next time you want to lounge away from home comfortably.

Why Use A Portable Hammock Stand?

As lovely as it would be to simply strap a hammock to a couple of trees and call it a day, nature does not always work out like that. In this instance, you are either left with the choice of not using a hammock or finding another alternative– like a hammock stand.

However, even if you are in a location with plenty of trees around, you still may want to use a hammock stand to make things a bit easier. For one, having two trees that are far enough apart but not too far is only part of the requirements for hanging a hammock– they also need to be level.

On top of that, a hammock stand generally includes all of the necessary hardware required to set up a hammock — something trees do not. In this case, using a hammock stand to set up your hammock may simply be quicker and easier than using trees– even if they are level and close enough together.

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What To Look For In The Best Portable Hammock Stands

Intended Use

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing a hammock stand is where you intend to use it. If you need a hammock stand to set up a hammock in your backyard, you likely do not require the same thing from the stand that you would if you wanted to take it camping.

On top of that, you also need to consider who will be using the hammock, as this may sway you towards a stronger or more stable hammock. Finally, you need to figure out whether you intend to use the hammock for sleeping, lounging, sitting, or any other purpose as these functions often require different stands too.


This quality matters more if you plan on taking your hammock stand to a location other than your house. For instance, a hammock stand might be extremely useful for lounging on a beach, a camping trip, or a friend’s barbecue.

The main thing to look for regarding a hammock stand’s portability is its weight as these products can weigh far more than is comfortable carrying for any lengthy distance. Keep in mind; some hammock stands are light enough to load and unload from a vehicle but not light enough to bring to a remote camping site.

The other potential concern for transporting a hammock stand is the packed size of the stand, though this factor easily matters more for some hiking to a remote location than other situations. Even if you take the hammock stand to a beach, you generally only need to worry about the amount of space it takes up in your vehicle.

Weight Rating

As one of the primary factors we used to select our best overall choice, the weight rating is especially important– though you should not worry too much about it. Essentially, make sure that the hammock stand you choose can support the total weight you need from it and go from there.

You likely do not need to worry about getting a hammock stand that can support over 100 pounds more weight than you expect it to hold. That said, it is essential to consider whether or not you expect the hammock supported by the stand to only hold one occupant at a time, otherwise, it might be safer to get one with a larger weight limit.


By and large, most hammock stands are at least reasonably durable, but the devil lies in the details when determining which models can stand up to difficult tests. In terms of their overall durability, the overwhelming majority of hammock stands use thick metal poles to provide the bulk of their support.

However, the steel or aluminum bars are only part of the product as the components which hold the hammock down also need to be made of sturdy materials. Less critical, though still relevant, are the feet and other parts of the hammock stand that contribute to its stability or other aspects.

Ease of Assembly

When it comes right down to it, few hammock stands are that difficult to assemble– once you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers put as much effort into writing the instructions for their hammock stand as they do the stand itself.

As such, you may find that a hammock stand seems impossible to assemble with the instructions you are given but might be simple once you put it together once. It is worth noting that often the most challenging part of a hammock stand’s assembly comes from connecting the hammock itself rather than setting up the stand.

Dimensions & Available Space

This is one of the sneakier aspects that often ends up being more important than you expect for a couple of reasons. Making sure that the hammock stand is long enough to provide a comfortable space without being too long to accommodate your hammock is reasonably straightforward.

However, one aspect that often gets overlooked when choosing a hammock stand is its height compared to the length. Essentially, even if a hammock stand can support your particular hammock, it also needs to be high enough off of the ground so that you do not brush against the base.


There are a couple of ways you can look at the versatility of a hammock stand, with the most obvious being the different hammocks it can accept. While most hammock stands can accept hammocks made from a wide range of different makers, others only work with specific brands of hammocks.

On top of that, some hammock stands work well when the conditions are perfect but flounder a bit if everything around it is not ideal. Finally, one of the least important in general, but most valuable in the end, is the ability of a hammock stand to provide different functionality beyond a simple lounger.

Best Portable Hammock Stands: The Results

Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand

Best Portable Hammock Stand

Kammok swift portable hammock stand Image

Kammok is one of the manufacturers that specialize in camping hammocks and their accessories, which is likely why they make sure the Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand is so versatile. Rather than merely making sure this hammock stand supports hammocks well, it also converts into a seat if needed.

Keep in mind that the Kammok Swiftlet Camping Hammock Stand accommodates a wide range of different hammocks, which provides even more versatility. While not the strongest, the aluminum tubing still offers plenty of support with a solid 400 lbs weight limit, and is easy to set up.

Beyond that, the Kammok Swiftlet Camping Hammock Stand is also one of the more portable models that we came across with the second-lightest build we found at only 17 lbs 6 ⅖ oz. Even better, you should not have too much trouble carrying it either since it packs down to a 50” x 8 ½” x 8 ½” footprint.

One thing to consider, though, is that the Kammok Swiftlet Portable Hammock Stand fits the smallest hammock sizes on our list at only 8’ long. It also does not help that the included carry bag is not that durable, despite being made out of UV-treated nylon– though this is an inexpensive hammock stand.

  • PROs

    • Has multiple arrangements
    • Space saving size – Packs down to ~4 feet long by 0.6 feet
    • Only weighs 17 lbs 6 ⅖ oz
    • Is less expensive
    • Easy to assemble
  • CONs

    • Only fits smaller hammocks
    • Carrying bag not durable

Bottom-Line: The Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand takes our top prize for a couple of reasons, but its ability to convert into a seat combined with its lightweight, compact design are the real clinchers.

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand

Best Portable Hammock Stand for Weight

ENO - Nomad Hammock Stand - Outdoor Stand for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Traveling, a Festival, a Picnic, Patio Furniture, or The Beach - Royal/Charcoal

ENO, or Eagle Nest Outfitters, is the other company specializing in hammocks and accessories, which allows them to cover different traveling needs. For the ENO Nomad Camping Hammock Stand, in particular, the company focused explicitly on the “portable” portion of this product.

For starters, you will be able to carry this camping hammock stand farther and longer than any other on our list thanks to the low-weight design of only 15 lbs– the lightest on our list. On top of that, this is also the most compact camping hammock stand with a packed size of 32” x 10” x 10”, making it small enough for a backpack shelf.

One of the more surprising qualities of the ENO Nomad Camping Hammock Stand is that it boasts the most substantial frame on our list, despite being the lightest and most compact. This makes it almost trivial to fit your camping hammock on its frame as it is also one of the taller models at 56”.

That said, the combination of list-leading specs and specialization weighs heavier than anything else regarding the ENO Nomad Camping Hammock Stand, which is an expensive entry. It is also worth noting that people using double camping hammocks should be careful considering this model has the lowest weight limit reviewed at only 300 lbs.

  • PROs

    • Only weighs 15 lbs
    • Space saving – packs down to 32” x 10” x 10.”
    • Made of anodized aluminum alloy
    • Fits larger hammocks
    • Easy to set up
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Has a lower weight capacity

Bottom-Line: The ENO Nomad Camping Hammock Stand is easily the ideal portable camping hammock stand to take with you if you expect to carry the stand for any serious distance thanks to its lightweight, compact design.

Vivere Double Hammock Stand with Space-Saving Steel

Best Combo Portable Hammock Stand

Vivere C9POLY-13 Double Polyester Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Aqua (450 lb Capacity - Premium Carry Bag Included)

Vivere focuses more on outdoor furniture and lounging products than hammocks in particular, which is likely why they offer an all-in-one package. Specifically, the Vivere Double Hammock Stand is the only entry on our list that provides not only a hammock stand but also the hammock.

In terms of portability, this model may not be ideal for taking on a hike, but at 35 lbs, it is more than light enough to be taken to the beach or somewhere else accessible by your vehicle. The packed size is not the smallest on our list, but at 52” x 9” x 7”, it is more than compact enough for most vehicles.

Part of the reason that the Vivere Stand weighs a bit more comes down to the use of durable powder-coated steel for the bars. This provides some protection from wet or humid weather, but it also allows this product to boast the second-largest weight capacity on our list at 450 lbs.

With decent specs, a sturdy build, and the hammock, Vivere’s offering comes in as an expensive option. This would not necessarily be the worst thing and still provide a good value, but the hammock is not that durable– though it comes in many materials and styles.

  • PROs

    • Has a weight capacity of 450 lbs
    • Comes with a hammock
    • Only weighs 35 lbs
    • Powder-coated steel stand
    • Easy to assemble
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Not the most durable

Bottom-Line: The Vivere Double Hammock Stand provides plenty of value from its second-best weight limit to its stable, adjustable frame, but it is the all-in-one package that sets it apart from the competition.

ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand

Best Stability in a Portable Stand

ENO - SoloPod Hammock Stand - Outdoor Stand for Camping, Traveling, a Festival, Patio Furniture, or The Beach - Charcoal

The ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand is the second entry by the company, but whereas the first aimed for portability, this model instead focuses on providing the most stable base that it can. The ENO SoloPod accomplishes this task thanks to a bowed frame and four peg feet.

The shape of the frame allows this hammock stand to distribute your weight better throughout, while the four peg feet provide a more stable base than the plastic feet often found on portable hammock stands. It also does not hurt that the ENO SoloPod Stand uses powder-coated steel for its frame rather than aluminum.

The combination of these sturdy materials combined with the stable design allows the ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand to offer a 400 lb weight capacity. Even better, this model is the second-largest model on our list and can accommodate larger hammocks than most.

However, being both one of the largest portable hammock stands that also uses powder-coated steel for its frame makes it heavy as it tips the scales at a whopping 58 lbs. On top of that, the ENO SoloPod is an expensive model, though the high-end specs and design might be worth it.

  • PROs

    • Has a solid build
    • Has a weight capacity of 400 lbs
    • Powder-coated steel stand
    • Fits larger hammocks
    • Easy to assemble
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Is a heavier stand

Bottom-Line: Despite its name, the ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand is the largest entry on our list and can handle not only the largest ENO hammocks on the market but provides a stable, solid build.

Sunnydaze Hammock Stand

Best Budget Portable Hammock Stand

Sunnydaze Universal 2-Person Hammock Stand - 550-Pound Capacity - Heavy-Duty Steel Outdoor Hammock Stand - Fits 9 to 14 Foot Hammocks - Black

Sunnydaze is another company that focuses on outdoor consumer goods more broadly than hammocks and accessories, but this allows it to focus more on price. As such, the Sunnydaze Hammock Stand is an inexpensive model and claims our spot for the best budget hammock stand.

What is all the more surprising given the Sunnydaze Stand’s price is that it boasts some of the best specs on our list like a frame that can accommodate hammocks between 9 ½’ to 14’ long. To further confound us, this product is still portable, weighing in at only 25 lbs.

The surprises continue when you consider that the Sunnydaze Stand uses powder-coated steel for its frame bars. This model also boasts the largest weight capacity of our review at a hefty 550 lbs– more than enough to accommodate two people in a double hammock.

That said, you do not get something for nothing, and the low cost of the Sunnydaze Hammock Stand betrays its questionable manufacturing. For starters, the size of this model combined with its design makes it a bit less stable than others– not to mention it has quality control issues.

  • PROs

    • Has a weight capacity of 550 lbs
    • Fits hammocks 9.5 – 14 feet long
    • Only weighs 25 lbs
    • Is less expensive
    • Easy to set up
  • CONs

    • Not the most stable despite the powder-coated steel
    • Has iffy QC

Bottom-Line: The Sunnydaze Hammock Stand is an incredibly inexpensive option, but it can accommodate some of the largest hammocks and multiple people without too much issue.

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