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Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower Tent

Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter Outdoor

The Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower Tent comes out on top as the best shower tent in our review thanks to its great balance between features, ease of use, and size. Where this portable shower tent really stands out is its two-room design and the solar-heated shower that comes as standard.

Featuring both a shower room and a changing room allows you to retain your modesty while “freshening up”, without the annoying issue of your clean clothes getting splashed as you shower. Alternatively, the “changing room” is roomy enough to house a portable toilet.

The construction features high-quality waterproof polyester and galvanized steel frames for sturdiness. Yet despite its large size, it is easy to assemble and disassemble

In the shower room are two large storage bags to hold your toiletries and your accessories, with the 5-gallon solar shower bag easily attaching to a hook in the ceiling.

Bottom line: The Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower is the best when you need a large, high-quality shower tent at an affordable price. 

Best Shower Tent & Privacy Shelter

Looking for the Best Portable Shower Tent?

You’re in the right place! In this guide, we will be covering the following:

    • What features are important to consider in shower tents
    • Reviews of seven of the Best Shower Tents on the market.
    • Our unbiased #1 pick for the Best Camping Shower & Privacy Shelter

While camping is fun, things can get a little awkward when you need to shower, use the restroom, or change clothes. You typically have two options, use the public facilities at the campground, or shower when you get home. Depending on the quality of the site you’re staying at, the former can range from being an adequate experience to feeling like you need to get tested for every disease known to man on your return home.

This is where a portable shower tent comes in – it gives you privacy without compromising on your hygiene. These small shelters are constructed similarly to regular tents and generally pitch in a similar manner.

With so many brands on the market right now, it might be a daunting task for you to choose the best shower tent. We created this guide on the best shower tents to help you pick a unit that matches your needs and your budget. Read on to learn more. 

Features To Look For When Shopping for The Best Shower Tent


Depending on your requirements and preferences, the size of the privacy shelter should be one of your first considerations.

Height generally shouldn’t be an issue as most shower tents tower well over 6″, with the exception of a few budget options like the Gigatent. That said if you are taller than average and hate the idea of slouching while taking a shower, pay close attention to this measurement.

Additional Reading: If you’re taking a hiking trip then you may want to take the best survival tent on the market in case of emergencies.

The breadth and depth of the privacy shelter may come down to personal preference, and body size. However, if you are planning on using the shelter tent as either a shower or changing room, then consider getting something a little more roomy as there is nothing more annoying than trying to pull on your pants in a constricted space. Alternatively, this may not be so much of an issue if you plan to use the room to house a porta-potty.

Lastly, some of the larger models come with a two-room design, allowing you to have both a shower room and a changing room in complete privacy.


And now a P.S.A. from Captain Obvious – a good shower tent should offer complete privacy. This shouldn’t be an issue with most brands, however, some of the cheaper models may use thinner material that may silhouette your physique with the light coming from the right angles.

Setup Ease

When on vacation, you should be on vacation! Not struggling to pull your campsite together!

Thankfully, all the products we have reviewed should set up in less than 10 minutes, with some of the pop up shower tents springing into action in just a couple of minutes. However, if you really hate pitching, then go with an easier option, and pick a pop-up shower tent.

Materials, Ventilation & Durability

Standard tent fabrics are polyester, nylon, canvas, or polycotton— with most shower tents sporting a polyester or nylon rainfly. These are incredibly lightweight, water-resistant, and fast-drying materials.

However, these two materials are not very breathable and will impede air circulation and trap heat and moisture. If you choose a polyester or nylon material tent, the higher-end models will have large vents or mesh windows to allow heat/moisture to escape and reduce condensation. 

Common privacy tent pole materials include steel, fiberglass, aluminum, composite materials, carbon fiber, and air beams. The first three, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass, are the most commonly used for shower tents.

Steel is the sturdiest and most durable but that durability comes at a price–weight. Fiber-glass poles being the lightest material, but this has the lowest strength of the three materials. Aluminum provides a medium between the two. 

Floor Design

Many of the premium shower tents come with a material floor. Having a floor will protect your feet from mud and grass when you shower, but they are a little heavier and cost a bit more. When shopping, ensure that the floor is waterproof and sports a design that allows water to drain out easily.

The flip to this are privacy tents, such as the GigaTent Pop Up Pod Shower Tent, which have no floors. This makes the unit lighter, cheaper but can make for a slightly messier experience.

Storage, Shelves & Hooks

Extra features may not necessarily be the most important feature to consider but can help sway you between two close-run products. Look out for things like storage hooks for your clothing or towels in the changing room area, storage shelves or pockets for toiletries in the shower room.

Packed Size & Weight

If you’re thinking about a shower tent, then you are most likely planning on driving yourself (and your gear) to your chosen campsite. However, not all pitch sites are necessarily close to the parking lot, and hauling your own body weight in gear isn’t a fun way to start (or end) your trip.

If you’re sure you’ll be pitching next to your car, then feel free to skip ahead. However, if you’re not sure, then it’s probably a good idea to take a peek at the packed weight and size of the privacy shelter you are considering.

Shower Tents FAQs

Q: What is a shower tent?

A: A camping shower tent is a small tent where campers can take a shower, change clothes, or use the potty in privacy. They are made of steel/fiberglass poles and waterproof material and collapse after use for portability. 

Q: How to pitch a shower tent?

A: Privacy shower tents tend to pitch easier than camping tents. Most of these tents are preassembled and collapsible, so pitching them is the same as popping them up, and staking out the corners/guys. However, the manufacturer will offer you a manual and an instructional video.

Q: How to fold a shower tent?

A: Different outdoor shower tents fold in different manners. It is, therefore, advisable that you follow the directions of the manufacturer. Some portable shower tents dismantle entirely while others just fold with the adjustable steel poles in them. 

Q: How to maintain a pop-up shower tent?

A: because most camping shower tents sport a waterproof construction, it is easy to take care of them. Before you store the shower tent, ensure it is completely dry so that mold doesn’t develop on them. You should also clean it periodically, especially if you will be storing it for a long time. 

The Best Shower Tents Reviewed

GigaTent Pop-Up Shower Tent

Best Budget Tent

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Shower Tent – Instant Portable Outdoor Rain Shelter, Camp Toilet for Camping & Beach – Lightweight & Sturdy, Easy Set Up, Foldable – with Carry Bag
  • Innovative Pop-Up Tent: The Gigatent 6 Foot Instant Privacy Tent Offers You Instant Private Space For Camping Bathroom & Potty Use, Outdoor Showers, Changing Clothes, For Use As Soft Rain Shelter And More. And Without Any Hassles Of Tedious Installation – A Must-Have Travel Accessory For Your Next Adventure!
  • Instant Installation: Designed For Utmost Convenience Our Instant Popup Tents Can Be Set Up Instantly And Are Equally Easy To Fold Back Into Included Carry Bag – Set These Up Effortlessly At The Park, Poolside, Beach, Or Forest.
  • Heavy Duty Material: Pop-Up Pod From Gigatent Is Very Easy To Use. Made With High-Quality Polyester Taffeta 190 T Water-Resistant Coating. Includes A Flexible Steel Frame For Premium Durability. This Tent Is Designed To Withstand The Elements Plus Engineered With Long-Lasting Repeat Use In Mind. Set Includes 4 Stakes That Should Be Used To Secure Stability.
  • Portable With Carry Bag: Pops Up And Folds Down In Seconds, No Assembly Required. Ultra-Lightweight Construction Allows For Easy Transportation With Included Carrying Bag. Weighing Just 3 Pounds, It Can Be Folded Into A Compact Size Of 20″ L X 20″W X 2″ H.

The GigaTent Pop-Up tent offers instant privacy when you need to shower outdoors, change clothes, use the potty. It is manages to do this at a very affordable price, although, this does mean it lacks some of the features of the more expensive options.

Each unit features a polyester taffeta construction with a water-resistant coating. Although the material does not shelter you from heavy rains, it keeps you dry in instances of light rain showers. Besides the outer material, this pop up shower tent comes with a flexible steel frame that folds and unfolds with ease. Four stakes accompany each package, so you can secure the pop-up shower tent firmly on the ground. Better yet, there are guy lines that add stability to the tent when you use it in windy areas. 

One of the lightest, and most portable options on our list. The GigaTent when folded and in its bag, weighs only 3 pounds and measures 20 by 20 by 2 inches.

As this is a budget offering, the GigaTent PopUp Pod tent lacks storage pockets and does not have a flooring material, which would have made its use more comfortable. It is also the shortest outdoor shower tent on our list at 5′ 9″, meaning many users will need to crouch.

  • PROs

    • High-quality construction 
    • Pops up and sets up in a few minutes
    • Collapses into a compact size
  • CONs

    • Lacks pockets to hold accessories
    • Anyone taller than 5′ 9″ will crouch when inside

Bottom-Line: If you are looking for a cheaper option that won’t hurt your bank account, the GigaTent pop up shower tent gets the job done with no frills. 

Kelty Brookhouse Privacy Shelter

Best Extra Features Camping Shower Tent

Kelty Blockhouse Shower Tent Product Image

If you need more features on your outdoor shower tent, along with the durability, and ease of set up you expect, then the Kelty Brookhouse tent might be the right unit for you.

The unit features four steel leg poles with a central hub to guarantee the stability of the structure even on windy days. The steel poles collapse and set up with great ease, so you never have to struggle during pitching

The floor design has built-in drains and can be rolled or folded away, to help prevent a swamp developing around your feet. Inside the camp shower tent are three pockets, one on the side and two hanging from the ceiling. You can use these pockets to hold your accessories when you are showering or when you are changing clothes.

Kelty Brookhouse offers a steel hook you can use to hang your shower bag. However, the hook is not part of the package – you can buy it separately. Alternatively, there is an external tube entry point if you have your own external shower unit.

The tent folds into a compact unit that fits into a small sling-style bag. When folded, the tent weighs 13 pounds 10 ounces. The tent weighs in at a relatively heavy 13 pounds.

  • PROs

    • Three pockets to hold accessories
    • Made of high-quality materials
    • Easy to set up and collapse
    • Shelters you from rain
  • CONs

    • Need to purchase the shower hook separately.

Bottom-Line: If you are looking for a pop up shower tent with a myriad of extra features at an affordable price, then the Kelty Brookhouse should get a look in.

Lightspeed Outdoors Fast Pitch Privacy Tent

Best Large Shower Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors 3-in-1 Privacy Tent, Changing Room, Green
  • Superior Features: Webbed stake loops and guy lines for added stability are included along with an oversized carry bag, stakes and a stake bag. Our tent also features a towel strap, mesh pockets, and a shelf for setting up a solar shower (not included).
  • Compression Hub System: The pre-threaded telescoping poles and compression hub system make the setup and teardown of this changing room easy! The pop up bathroom tent is ready in less than one minute and only requires one person to assemble.
  • High Quality: Resistant to rain and drizzle, the tent’s 190T polyester fabric has 800mm PU coating for maximum dryness during use and for wet weather. The durable PE and mesh floor can be clipped up or down depending on the use of the tent.
  • Outdoors Mase Easy: Lightspeed Outdoors has a passion for everyday adventure! Founded in 2009 in San Diego with a goal to create products that are functional and simple to use so you can get back to what’s important—spending time with family and friends.

If you are looking for a large shower tent, one where you do not have crouch or struggle, the Lightspeed Outdoors Fast Pitch Privacy Tent might be an excellent choice for you. When pitched, the tent stands at 5′ by 5′ by 6.9′, making it a very roomy camping shower tent.

One of the most impressive features of this camping shower tent is the “compression hub” – by grabbing the top of this hub and pulling upwards, the roof supports snap into place. You then just need to adjust the threaded telescoping poles to the correct height, and voila, an outdoor shower tent assembled in just a couple of minutes.

When it comes to use, the instant portable tent has a removable floor, pockets for you toiletries and a shelf unit for your solar shower (not included).

If you’re hauling your kit rather than pitching next to your vehicle, bear in mind that as this is a larger camping shower tent, it’s has a bigger packed size and weight – when folded, the tent measures 41″ by 7.3″ and weighs 16 pounds. Additionally, unlike some of the other products we have reviewed, this outdoor shower tent does not come with a shower bag. You will have to buy that separately.

  • PROs

    • Wider and taller
    • High-quality construction
    • Sets up with great ease
  • CONs

    • Relatively heavy

Bottom-Line: If you want to avoid the feeling of claustrophobia when showering, the very roomy Lightspeed Outdoors Camping shower tent may be just what you need.

Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower

Best Portable Shower Tent

The Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower has all the features you need to shower away from home. When setting up, the unit has two rooms; one is a shower, and the other a changing room. Thus saving you the hassle of having to roll up the floor when you want to get changed. Add to this the fact that you get a free five-gallon solar shower with the purchase of this product and the Ozark Trail comes out on top in this review.

The unit is completely sealed, giving your great privacy. The door and the windows zip up completely. Zippers used on the tent are heavy duty and waterproof and ensures that water does not seep into the compartments. Hot air from the compartments escapes from the vents on the rooftop while shower water drains through the meshed floor area. If you are camping with children, the second room comes in handy as a potty room.

With the package you get a 5-gallon solar shower, you can easily attach to a loop inside the shower tent. You can also attach your portable shower as you wish. While the solar bag is a nice gesture from Ozark, a pressured shower will work better if you have one.

Inside this instant portable tent are large storage bags to hold your toiletries or accessories. It has two of these pockets enough to hold a lot of your items. It also has a towel rod feature so you can hang wet clothes and your towel.

The units sets up by extending the pre-attached rod outwards and staking the unit to the ground. Its high-quality wall sports a silver aluminum coating that makes it reflective for use at night. There are two windows on this outdoor shower tent, which unzip fully and roll down. With the windows, you can ventilate the room after a shower.

You will have to pay a little more for this unit than with a single room tent. However, when you are camping with children and many other people, you will find the cost worth it.

  • PROs

    • Drains off water with much ease
    • Dressing/changing & shower rooms
    • Free solar shower bag
    • Pockets and towel rail for convenience
  • CONs

    • Pricier option
    • Relatively heavy

Bottom-Line: This is an ideal tent when you are camping with children and as a group.

KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Camping Tent

Best Value Privacy Tent

KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Easy Up Portable Dressing Changing Room Shower Privacy Shelter Tent (Grey Advanced)
  • QUICK SET UP: Please check the installation video on the page before setting up the tent, it will be very easy assembled with 4 steel poles, 2 fiberglass poles, 4 guy ropes, 8 steel nails. And you should fix the tent with ropes and nails while using it outdoors.
  • SPACIOUS: The size (66 × 66 × 85 inches) is large enough for two adults; Packaged size is 24 × 6 × 6 inches, easy for carry with an oxford compression bag which weighs 11lbs. Free standing with fiberglass poles, sturdier; Ropes and pegs for extra strength if hanging the water bag (larger supported weight: 15kgs/3.9 gallon).
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Around of the floor is made of mesh fabric, which is convenient to flow the water; 190T polyester removable rainfly with 1500 mm coating can protect privacy, shade sun, resist rain; A large zippered entry door provides easy access; Mesh roof and two mesh side windows keep breathable and increase ventilation; Side window for access to outside pocket; Top and side hooks for easy hanging shower bag.
  • MESH STORAGE POCKETS: 1 inside pocket with 4 compartments for small items and 1 outside pocket with 2 compartments to keep clothes and towel dry.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Changing room, camp restroom, camp shower storage, portable toilet tent, camping privacy tent. Floor can be clipped up or down for use.

Same as the Lightspeed Outdoor tent reviewed above, this is a sizeable single-room shower tent. It is ideal for users who are tall and who need enough space to shower. If, for instance, you are washing children, you will need a broad tent; this can be your top choice.

The package comes with a quick installation video that lets you set up the unit in a few minutes. The kit contains four steel poles, two fiberglass poles, eight steel stakes, and four guy lines. In a windy area, you should secure the tent with the steel stakes and guy ropes.

Unlike most outdoor shower tents, this tent is very spacious, measuring 66 by 66 by 85 inches. With its size, two adults can use the tent comfortably. Even with its large size, the shelter still collapses into a small package measuring 24 by 6″ by 6″. You can carry it in a small oxford compression bag. The compressed tent weighs 11 pounds. When fully erected, the unit feels sturdy and can hold a shower bag weighing up to 15 kg.

The floor sports a mesh fabric that allows water to flow out when you shower. The roof comes with a removable polyester rainfly that protects you from light showers of rain. There is a large zippered door that offers fast and easy access. For sufficient ventilation, the shower privacy tent has two mesh side windows and a mesh roof that keep the tent breathable. There is also a small side window that gives you access to the outside pocket. There are two hooks to hang your shower bag; one on the side and another at the top.

This unit is multipurpose. You can use it when you need to shower, change clothes, or shelter from light showers of rain. The tent has two zippers on the doors, which does not look as convenient as having a single double-sided zipper.

  • PROs

    • Large size
    • Packs smaller and lighter than most tents
    • Waterproof top
  • CONs

    • Two zips not as convenient as one

Bottom-Line: This is another excellent unit when you need a large privacy tent.

Browning Camping Privacy Shelter

Best Ventilated Outdoor Shower Tent

Browning Camping Privacy Shelter – Khaki/Coal
  • Shelter designed for a variety of needs when privacy is needed: change clothes, shower, or portable restroom
  • Free-standing design with fiberglass poles with steel upright poles for extra strength; easy assembly with pole clips that quickly snap over the poles
  • Easy-to-use retractable floor; mesh roof vents increase ventilation
  • Side shelf with window to keep additional items; additional side window for access to the outside pocket
  • Base Size: 5’6″ x 5’6″; Center Height: 7’2″; Total Weight: 11 lbs. 12 oz.; Packed Size: 7″ x 24″

It is easy to assemble, collapse, and carry this privacy tent. It sports a minimalist look, but with all the necessary features you need to take a shower or change clothes comfortably. The unit has a free-standing design with fiberglass poles and glass poles to enhance its sturdiness when installed.

On the side is a large shelf where you can place your accessories and bathroom paraphernalia. There are also mesh storage pockets to hold your personal belongings. On the roof of the unit are mesh roof vents for breathability after a hot shower. You can also retract the roof when you need to ventilate the tent thoroughly. Better yet, there is a side window to ventilate the room further.

When folded, the unit weighs 14 pounds 3 ounces. With the purchase of this tent, you get a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The bag is waterproof to shelter you from the rain.

The material of the tent feels relatively weak. Although the fiberglass and the steel poles are durable, the material does not last as long as in other shelters.

  • PROs

    • Easy to carry
    • Easy to set up and collapse
    • Window and mesh vents for breathability
  • CONs

    • Material of construction feels weak

Bottom-Line: If you need an easy to use and easy to carry the tent, this might be it. It folds into a small package and comes with a carry bag.

Nemo Heliopolis

Best Premium Shower Tent

NEMO Heliopolis | Privacy Shelter & Shower Tent, Compatible with Helio Pressure Shower
  • Pairs perfectly with the Helio and Helio LX portable showers with hose pass-through and nozzle attachment.
  • Lightweight aluminum poles create a rugged frame that won’t rust in wet conditions.
  • Included battery-powered light with carabiner clip for compact hands-free lighting.
  • Overhead towel rack and toilet paper holder keep the important things dry.
  • Door lock mechanism allows you to secure the zippered door from the inside for privacy.

This is a premium shower tent from Nemo. As a premium shower tent, it comes with all the features you need to shower or change clothes. The unit sports a design that works well with other Nemo products such as the Nemo Helio pressure shower. You can shower hands-free, thanks to the ease of attaching the pressure shower. When fully erected, the unit stands at 84 inches.

The tent has a robust steel frame that offers excellent endurance and sturdiness. Hub welding makes the steel poles even stronger. The unit is large enough for you to shower without crouching and any stress.

Some of the tent’s features include an overhead storage dispenser, a floor made of durable material, a drain off function, and storage pockets. The unit folds into a small package that you can carry anywhere.

This being a premium product, you can expect a premium price. However, it is all worth it.

  • PROs

    • Assembles with ease
    • Sturdy materials
    • Plethora of features
  • CONs

    • Premium price

Bottom-Line: This is an ideal unit when you need a shower tent large enough to fit a tall person and with premium features to accommodate comfortable showers.

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