Best Teepee Tent for Camping [2024 Review]

Overall Winner “Best Teepee Tent”

Winteral Teepee Tent

Winterial 6-7 Person Outdoor Teepee Camping - 12'x12' Family Yurt Festival Large Tent for Adults - Includes Stakes, Poles, Guylines, Rain-Cap, Stabilizer and Large Bag

It wasn’t easy, but we’re taking a stand and choosing the Winterial six-seven person Teepee as the best teepee for tent camping. With its weather-resistant rainfly, generous 8-foot interior height, and ample ventilation, we knew it had a place on our leader stage. However, the shelter’s 144 square foot floor space and 15-pound pack weight allowed it to stand out from the competition.

This impressive three-season shelter is perfect for large groups or families, while the extra space can also be used as storage. 

A single aluminum center pole provides this tent with unmatched structural integrity. Despite its placement, campers are still free to bunk together. The four windows and two doors provided access to the outside world with optional weather protection.

The waterproof 210T polyester base protects campers from the elements while holding up against abrasions and punctures. 

If you are looking for an affordable tent that goes up smoothly and provides ample interior living space, then the Winterial six-seven person Teepee is the pick for you.

Bottom Line: If you want a teepee tent that you can adapt to a variety of weathers but won’t weight down your gear pack, it has to be the Winterial Teepee.

Best Teepee Tent for Camping

It’s important to choose a camping shelter that meets all your space requirements while creating a buffer from the elements. Teepee tents may not be the most conventional outdoor structures, but they are certainly some of the most protective and roomy camping tents on the market.

Consider everything from sleeping bag layouts to ceaseless downpours when choosing one. Don’t forget about the ventilation. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy, humid tent on a summer evening.

You can’t use your outdoor instincts to hone in on a quality teepee tent when you’re shopping online. As such, we’ve put together a guide and a list of our favorites. Check out our top choices for teepee tents as well as our top selection.

Looking for the most amazing teepee tent for camping?

You’re in the right place! In this guide, we cover the following:

  • What to look for in a quality camping teepee
  • What are the most critical elements to look for in teepee tents
  • Reviews of the seven best camping teepees on the market
  • Our unbiased view on the best camping teepee

How to Choose the Best Teepee Tent for Camping


Before you settle on a single teepee tent, consider the number of occupants you plan to shelter. Teepee tents tend to have high peaks. It’s important to consider the height of the center pole as well as the overall square footage of the floor of the tent. Given the height of the average adult, we’d say most campers would be comfortable standing in a tent such as the Winterial, which is 8 feet at its highest point.

If You Think You’re Looking for Something a Little Different…

Check out our guides to the:

Consider the fact that the average men’s sleep bag is 6 feet in length and 64 inches in width. In theory, individual campers only need about 20 square feet of tent space. However, in reality, 40 square feet of space is going to feel much more comfortable.

Most campers don’t want to be packed like sardines. Not to mention, most campers need additional room for gear and four-legged friends.

Campers should not have to step over each other in order to exit the tent.

Make sure that support poles and other interior features do not needlessly divide campers.

Venting also plays a considerable part in any camper’s comfort, with stuffy tents being a nightmare in the height of summer. Choose between single-walled and double-walled teepees. Double-walled teepees consist of a breathable mesh base layer and a durable waterproof rain fly. Single-walled teepees make up for lost ventilation with the help of ventilation holes and windows.

Protection from the Elements

When it comes to choosing an outdoor shelter, protection from the elements is paramount. The most important protection you need to look for is waterproofing. Tents should protect campers from rain and snow at all angles. Window, doors, and floor panels should be shored up so they can create an impenetrable barrier.

Waterproof ratings are measured in millimeters. At a minimum, you want your tent to boast a waterproof rating of at least 1,000 millimeters. This rating means the fabric can endure water exposure that is akin to light rainfall. However, waterproof ratings may vary between the tent floor to the tent walls, with the most protected areas having a waterproof rating as high as 5,000 millimeters.

Ultimately, your rainfly and floor should boast thicker polyurethane coatings than the windows, walls, and doors of your tent. Keep in mind that fabrics with higher waterproof ratings tend to be heavier and less flexible. Sealed seams ensure that no water leaks in where one material meets another.

A tent should also be able to withstand wind gushes and prolonged exposure to UV rays. Durable guy lines and well-anchored support poles provide tents with structural security. UV-resistant fabric and light blockers help to cut down on damage from intense sunlight.

Packed Size & Weight

Large tents can be a tremendous burden for campers who plan on walking a short distance into their pitch. Consider the overall dimensions and weight of a packed tent to determine its potential portability.

A heavier tent isn’t going to phase you as much if you’re camping next to your car. However, if you are walking a short distance to your campsite, consider a lighter tent.

Ease of Assembly

Tent assembly shouldn’t be complicated. Self-erecting tents and poles with quick feet enable campers to set up their shelters in a matter of minutes. Choose a tent that offers hassle-free assembly. Some large-capacity teepee tents only require a single support pole. Avoid tents with overly complicated components and complicated pitching processes.


Manufacturers have managed to squeeze some pretty impressive features into their teepee tents. Electrical cable sleeves, hanging pockets, and privacy screens are just some of the add-ons that make camping more glamorous.

On top of that, keep an eye out for tents with flexible forms. For example, some double-layered tents can be separated to create two free-standing structures. Some teepee tents boast removal floor panels, enabling you to add a camp stove or fire so long as there is adequate ventilation.

FAQs About Teepee Tents for Camping

Are there any benefits to choosing a teepee tent over a traditional tent?

Teepee tents tend to be more spacious than regular tents. Their peaked design also makes them more accommodating for tall campers.

Can teepee tents be left up all year round?

This is a question that is best posed to individual manufactures. However, as a general rule, the answer is yes. Some teepee tents are durable enough to withstand year-round exposure to the elements.

Do I need a teepee with a smoke hole?

Cold-weather campers can surely benefit from owning a teepee tent with room for a smokestack. Traditionally, Native Americans built fires in teepees. While some teepee tents do boast smoke holes, there are still several precautions campers need to take to avoid the risk of fire hazards.

Top Teepee Tents for Camping

GEERTOP Teepee Camping Tent

Easiest Setup

GEERTOP Tent for Camping 6 Person Waterproof 4 Season Instant Easy Setup Large 6 People Family Tent for Outdoor Backpacking Hiking Picnic Survival Travel

The Geertop Teepee is an A-frame tent that provides four to six people with enough space to stand and sleep without restriction. The center point of the tent is over 70 inches in height. It offers 104 square feet of floor space.

It boasts two durable layers of waterproof fabric, each of which can be used as an individual conical shelter. The anti-tear polyester-cotton fly sheet provides unmatched protection against the elements and cold air.

In summer, you can peel off the flysheet to reveal the breathable mesh base layer. Both layers are supported up by a single rust-resistant reinforcement pole.

This double-layered tent is perfect for families and groups looking to get off the beaten track. The entire parcel weighs just 14.2 pounds, making it a premier choice for backpackers.

Once you lay down the polyester ground panel, you use just one pole to set up the rest of the tent. The quick, simple setup will leave you and your companions more time to enjoy nature.

It’s hard to overlook the act that this package includes two tents for the price of one. While the GeerTop lacks roll-down windows, the base layer lets you get a glimpse of the outside world.

On top of that, the included tie-downs and stakes give the teepee lots of stability in adverse weather. What’s more, the 150D polyester groundsheet does not tear easily. If you’re looking for a shelter that won’t fail you in the middle of the wilderness, be sure to check out this unique GeerTop product.


  • Can be set up using a single-pole
  • A breathable base layer paired with a weather-resistant flysheet
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Tent door can be zipped down from inside and outside


  • Only features a single door
  • No windows

Bottom Line: The Geertop Teepee is an easy to set up teepee tent with enough room to accommodate six people.

Mountainsmith Mountain Tipi Tent

Best Teepee Tent for Two

The Mountainsmith Mountain Tipi Tent is our top tarp shelter choice for couples. This incredible tent sets up fast with the help of a single aluminum support pole. The support pole can be set anywhere between 62 and 68 inches. As a result, most adults will have no trouble standing under the conical structure.

Two campers can sleep comfortably within the teepee walls, with a dimension of 95 inches long and 110 inches wide. It offers an overall floor area of 54.7 square feet.

At just 4 pounds when fully packed, the Mountainsmith is one of the few teepee tents we’d consider for overnight backpacking trips. While this tent is designed to accommodate just two adults, there’s plenty of room for gear.

The teepee’s bathtub floor construction ensures that rainwater and sleet have no chance of seeping into you or your partner’s sleeping bag. Taped floor seams, waterproof walls, and durable nylon guy lines make sure that you stay warm and dry no matter the weather’s ferocity outside your tent.

While other teepee tents made us feel claustrophobic, the Mountainsmith’s many windows and mesh base layer left us feeling unconstrained. Not to mention, the dark black mesh limited visibility from the outside-in. If it suits you, you can tie back the front door using one of the tie-back configurations.

The removal rain fly will make sure that the inside of the tent stays dry and bug-free. The reflector-clad, reinforced loops, can handle pretty hard wear. Not to mention, they make it possible for campers to set the sent up after dark.

The only downside of this incredible shelter is that the pole is positioned directly in the center. As a result, it can be challenging to nestle into a comfortable sleeping position.

Setup is super easy, and all the essentials, including the pole and stakes, are included in your purchase.

A Forged for Life Guarantee ensures that no customer will have to cope with defects down the line.


  • Suitable size for couples
  • A single aluminum pole setup that extends from 62 to 68 inches
  • Three ventilation windows with rain/wind flaps
  • Integrated reflective panels for better camp approaches after sundown


  • 100% imported

Bottom Line: This simple, modern teepee tent is perfect for backcountry adventures.

Ozark Trail Instant Tepee Tent

Best Budget Option

If you’re looking for an inexpensive A-frame shelter, look no further than the Ozark Trail Instant Tepee Tent. This 12-by-12-foot structure comfortably holds up to seven adults. The 124-square foot floor leaves plenty of room for occupants’ gear and sleeping bags.

Setup takes no more than two minutes. What’s more, Ozark has made it completely dummy-proof by pre-attaching the support poles to the tent walls.

The tent boasts a spacious interior with a center height of 94 inches. There’s enough room for two queen air mattresses. So, be sure to invite your entire camping posse. The interior also boasts a variety of organizers, pockets, and electrical cord access points. It’s a traditional shelter with 21st-Century accommodations.

Don’t let the comprehensive package overwhelm you. While there are a total of 19 steel stakes in the bundle, they are all ready to be popped into place. Everything fits snugly into the provided carrying bag. The 22.98-pound package is perfect for campsites that let you park your car next to your pitch.

The single-ply polyester walls of the tent provide exceptional protection against the elements. The gray, khaki and beige panels blend nicely with most outdoor backdrops. So long as you have super-insulated sleeping bags, you can make use of this teepee tent during the winter.

When it is warm and humid, the tent’s top and bottom ventilation panels will help you cut down on condensation. Not to mention, the structure features a variety of mesh windows as well as a mesh door, all of which feature all-weather cover panels.


  • Top and bottom ventilation panels
  • All-weather polyester fabric
  • Comfortably fits two queen air mattresses
  • Ample headspace
  • Steel tent poles are pre-attached to the fabric


  • Only covered by a 6-month warranty
  • Difficult to wash

Bottom Line: Ozark Trail is known for its consistently affordable and well-made camping equipment. Their teepee tent is no exception.

Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 12-Person Teepee Tent

Best Teepee Tent for Large Groups

Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 18' x 18' 12 Person Teepee Cone Shape Camping Tent

The Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 12-Person Teepee Tent is the mother of all teepee tents. This 18-by-18-foot cone-shaped structure can safely and comfortably accommodate up to 12 adult campers. It offers 324 square feet of floor room. Despite its generous capacity, it is one of the lightest and easiest to carry bundles that we came across.

The steel poles extend from the tent’s center point to the edges of its bottom perimeter. There is also a need for a 9-foot support pole in the center of the tent. This design makes it easy for full-sized campers to stretch out after a long day of hiking or exploring. The conical shape is also a smart design for the elements—snow, sleet, and rain slide right off the tent’s sides.

The Bighorn is fortified with all sorts of weatherproof elements and design features. For starters, the fabric is 100% waterproof. While there are plenty of ventilation windows and mesh panels, each has a weatherproof cover that can be quickly pulled into action.

Like most teepee tents, the Bighorn’s floor is not sewn in place. Instead, you attach it to the tent walls with the help of plastic clips. You can also opt to leave it off altogether. Don’t let the lack of a sealed base deter you. The downward sloping sides do an excellent job of redirecting moisture.

The kit includes a full set of guy lines and stakes. In other words, you have everything you need to fair a decent storm. If they had added a stove jack, we’d be okay using this as a year-round camp shelter.

The sheer size of this tent makes it an excellent option for groups or campers with excess gear. Despite its size, the tent, fly, and poles weigh just 27 pounds. It’s an excellent option for those who want quality without having to break the bank.


  • Comfortably sleeps up to 12
  • An affordable solution to housing several overnight campers
  • Several ventilation panels and breathable mesh panels
  • Lovely gray color with orange cone cap
  • Design enables rain and debris to run down and away from the tent


  • A lot of the weight of the product comes from the steel support pole

Bottom Line: The Bighorn comfortably sleeps 12 campers. If you have to fair a storm in a tent, this is the one you want to be in.

Wenzel Shenanigan 5 Person Teepee Camping Tent

Most Stylish Option

Wenzel Outdoors Shenanigin 5 Red Buffalo Plaid

The Wenzel Shenanigan Teepee is the perfect overnight structure for large families or couples that need a little extra room for their gear. This 86-square foot teepee tent has a contemporary design that doesn’t give up anything in terms of old-school functionality.

The tent goes up smoothly with a single support pole. It offers unmatched protection when it comes to resisting extreme temperatures and adverse weather.

The 86-square-foot floor makes it possible for up to five campers to stretch their legs and enjoy a solid night of sleep. Since the peak is nearly 90 inches in the air, campers can stand without hunching over.

The polyester canopy protects campers from wind, rain, and UV rays. Meanwhile, the welded polyethylene floor prevents rainwater and dew from creeping into the structure. Despite the ample fortifications, the interior offers exceptional ventilation. Base and peak vents create healthy, high-low air circulation.

Another element that sets this teepee tent apart from the rest is its colorful patterned exterior. Its unique appearance makes it easy to identify against a sea of similar structures. So, while durability and weather-resistance make it an excellent choice for outdoor adventures, you may also want to consider it for your next overnight festival.


  • Inverted T-shaped door with roll-back flaps
  • Three zippered windows with inside flaps
  • Easy to Set up
  • Two rear vents and three peak vents for better air circulation
  • Two internal storage pockets


  • Unsealed flooring and walls seam meets at ground level

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for something a little different in terms of design, then consider the Wenzel Shenanigan.

Winterial 6 Person Teepee Tent

Best Teepee Tent

Winterial 6-7 Person Outdoor Teepee Camping - 12'x12' Family Yurt Festival Large Tent for Adults - Includes Stakes, Poles, Guylines, Rain-Cap, Stabilizer and Large Bag

Here we have yet another high-capacity teepee with excellent backpacking potential. The Winterial can comfortably sleep 6 people. It’s the perfect option for hike-in campsites with a total pack weight of just 15 pounds, including stakes, poles, rain-cap, and stabilizer. It boasts 110 square feet of floor room.

The base of this teepee is a waterproof tarp. If you hate waking up wet, this is the tent for you. On that note, the Winterial also comes with a waterproof rain cap. Adjustable guy lines make it easy to add or remove this element. The 210T polyester walls do a great job of fending off rainwater, wind, and UV damage.

Of course, the Winterial also goes up painlessly. You can easily throw this tent together in a matter of minutes. When acclimating weather lurks, a quick setup is essential.

The 10-foot hexagonal floor space is sectioned off by a center support pole. Still, at least four campers can bunk side-by-side with two single campers filling in the remaining margins. During the day, campers can maneuver around the tent without hitting their heads on the ceiling panel. Shelter,

Overall, this tent is built to protect campers from overbearing wind, moisture, and insects. You might want to install a barrier between the rain fly and tent peak. Other than that, you can count on this structure to hold you and your fellow campers through many an overnight adventure.


  • Spacious 10-foot hexagonal interior
  • Plenty of headspace for campers to maneuver
  • A removable rain fly for adverse weather
  • V-shaped door with flap roll holders
  • Water and debris slide down the downward slanted exterior walls
  • Water-resistant tarp floor


  • None that we could spot

Bottom Line: The Winterial 6 People Teepee Tent is our number one pick because it is easy to carry, goes up fast, and offers unmatched comfort.

DANCHEL Tipi Family Tent

Best Value

Mountainsmith Mountain Tipi - Timber

This impressive yurt/teepee tent is all you ever need to enjoy a solid night’s sleep outside. It has an impressive 13-foot diameter. That’s 104 square feet of floor space. The tent’s 11-foot peak allows campers to stand comfortably at most points. Plus, it is crafted from army-green 300D Oxford Silvered material. Naturally, it’s waterproof and UV-resistant.

The ample interior provides comfortable living quarters for up to eight people. Despite its generous capacity, it weighs just 25 pounds when fully packed. The 30-inch-long, 10-inch-wide, and the 10-inch-thick parcel is easy to lug along on backpacking adventures. It includes metal nails, wind rope, poles, the tent, and the carrying bag.

The yurt’s five ventilation windows and three ventilation holes give campers unmatched comfort in high heat and smoldering humidity. What’s more, the 60-inch-high door makes entering and exiting easy. Two of the windows even offer a look at the outside world. So, there is no reason to let in mosquitoes whenever you want to check on your campfire.


  • Boasts a 1-year warranty
  • Larger size is available
  • Folds into a small, lightweight parcel
  • transparent windows with weatherproof covers
  • Dome with rounded sides like a traditional Mongolian yurt
  • High door so you can enter without hunching


  • Not completely water-resistant

Bottom Line: If you are willing to blur the line between yurts and teepees, the Danchel is the tent you need.

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