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Best Tent Poles

Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles 

Green Elephant Compact Tarp Poles | Adjustable Tent Poles for Tarp Set of 2 | Portable & Lightweight Aluminium Tent Poles Replacement | Poles Shrink to 2ft. 1.2in.

The Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles outperform the other entries on our list in many categories, with the most important being able to support up to 35 pounds per pole. A big part of this structural integrity comes from the use of anodized aluminum, which is not only strong but naturally water-resistant as well.

That said, it is the functionality of these tent poles that make them stand out with a twist-lock mechanism that sets them up or adjusts them more straightforwardly than most competitors. On top of that, this is one of the few telescopic tent poles on our list, which makes disassembling them just as easy as assembling them.

You also do not have to worry about the Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles ruining your tent or tarp as the base comes with rubber feet, and the top has silicon tips. Even better, these tent poles come in pairs of four segments, which provides additional support without extra pieces.

Bottom Line: While not ideal for more pre-made tents, the Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles boasts some of the best specs across the board and is easily the most durable tent poles we reviewed.

The Top Tent & Tarp Poles Reviewed

Looking for some Replacement Tent Poles?

You’re in the right place! In this guide, we will be covering the following:

    • Break down the different products into niches
    • Make sure to favor strength, versatility, and reliability over other factors
    • Examine which features are the most important and why

When planning for a camping trip, most people tend to think of what they know they will need rather than planning for contingencies. Sure, you might bring batteries or a backup piece of gear if your main equipment fails, but that is often where the redundancies end.

Of course, camping is fraught with unexpected circumstances, some of which might be good but others that can be downright disastrous. One complication, in particular — the failure of your tent, can ruin a camping trip to the point that you have to cancel the excursion and leave. Carrying replacement parts & repair materials can save your trip.

Alternatively, the poles that arrived with your new tent aren’t up to scratch – they’re too flimsy or to heavy. Rather than regretting your purchase, you can simply replace the poles with a product that has the strength/weight/flexibility (delete where appropriate) you require.

That is why we put together a list of the seven best tent poles reviews of 2024, highlighting what each one does best. We also break down what makes one set of replacement poles better than another in a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the perfect aftermarket tent poles to make sure your next camping trip goes off without a hitch.

Which Features to Look for in Tent & Tarp Poles


This quality is arguably of less importance once you reach a specific threshold and should be best understood as an “all or nothing” aspect. If the preferred tent pole is long enough, you likely do not need to worry about whether it can be extended to a longer length for other tents.

Conversely, if a tent pole is not long enough, no amount of strength, flexibility, or other features will make up for that fact that it is too short. Likewise, the pole’s diameter falls into this consideration as well, though it tends to run the opposite direction where you need a pole thin enough.

Tent Pole Material


This may be the most common material used for tent poles that come with a tent, but it is not the most common type of material used for aftermarket poles. Instead, aftermarket tent poles use fiberglass and metal in equal measure due to the different qualities they possess.

However, many types of tents require a fiberglass tent pole for their support due to the tent’s design. Domed tents especially require fiberglass poles unless they are huge, and even then, they still require fiberglass poles at the peak of the dome.

Aluminum Poles

While aluminum alloy poles may not be quite as commonly used with a preconstructed tent, they are common in the tent pole aftermarket.

This material serves shelters that do not employ organic contours better than others because it is stronger than fiberglass. Simultaneously, aluminum cannot bend the same way that fiberglass can and does not work for tents with curved contours.

However, aluminum tent poles afford far more versatility of function than fiberglass precisely because they are more rigid. This structural integrity provides better support, but it also allows aluminum tent poles to be used for purposes other than supporting a pre-made tent.

Steel Poles

These are typically the strongest and most durable poles you can purchase for tents. The great strength of steel poles does come with a downside – they are super heavy so are best suited to car camping trips.


This quality matters more depending on the type of structure you plan to use the tent poles to support. For example, a cabin tent generally has walls that stand straight at or near 90-degree angles and require structural stability from their tent poles more than they need flexibility.

This same principle applies to other structures that do not use a pre-formed tent frame like a canopy or other covered area otherwise open on the sides. Conversely, some tents, like the dome tents mentioned above, require a more flexible tent pole that can conform to the dome’s slope while still providing structural support.

To that end, fiberglass is easily the most flexible material used for aftermarket tent poles and is likely the only kind suitable for tent frames with sleeves for the poles and organic profiles. On the other hand, larger tents, especially those with vertical walls and open canopies, rely on the rigidity of metal tent poles.

Weight & Packed Size

These qualities are more important depending on the kind of camping you do than the type of tent you have as the primary materials can be used to make products of similar dimensions. Specifically, backpackers and those who camp at more remote sites need poles that weigh less and pack smaller than other types of campers.

Granted, backpackers and similar campers often use tents that employ particular types of tent poles, but many extreme campers do not even use tents. As such, the weight and packed size need to be measured explicitly to the camping situation you intend rather than some arbitrary checklist.


There are a couple of ways you can judge a tent pole’s versatility, though the most obvious is to look at the different structures it can support. Keep in mind that just because a tent pole can support the weight of a tent does not mean it can support the tent’s frame, depending on its design.

A great example of this is the difference between aluminum and fiberglass tent poles, with the latter generally supporting a wider variety of different tents than the latter. However, if you make a freestanding tent, plan to make a tarp shelter, or need the poles for any other kind of support, aluminum likely works better.

That last bit about “any other kind of support” also plays into using a tent pole for purposes other than supporting a shelter. For backpackers or other extreme campers, a pair of tent poles that can double up as trekking or walking poles help reduce the total weight and space of gear you need to carry.

Best Tent Poles: The Results

Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles

Best Performing Tent Poles

Green Elephant Compact Tarp Poles | Adjustable Tent Poles for Tarp Set of 2 | Portable & Lightweight Aluminium Tent Poles Replacement | Poles Shrink to 2ft. 1.2in.
  • SHORT AND COMPACT SILVER ALUMINUM POLES – Support temporary tarps, awnings, and tents like an expert with THE ORIGINAL COMPACT aluminum tent poles, 3-section design. Poles shrink to 2ft. 1.2in., extend to 5ft., and weigh only 0.7lbs each. Pole supports up to 35 lbs.
  • TEAR AND SLIP-FREE TARP POLES – Uniquely designed stainless steel tips plus the ORIGINAL (patent) silicon tip cover eliminate punctures when used to support tarp centers. Plus, our tarp poles fit ALL grommets.
  • COLLAPSE-PROOF DESIGN – Our improved, twist and lock mechanism interlocks reliably, removing the threat of vertical collapse.
  • GREEN ELEPHANT’S PROMISE – Our original tent poles are backed by our 5-year guarantee, so you’re sure to get the best adjustable tent poles around. We pride ourselves on our top-ranked customer service, so you’ll always receive the best support from our international brand!
  • BEST QUALITY DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION – Discover why outdoor enthusiasts prefer Green Elephant tarp poles: They’re durable, waterproof, rust-proof, lightweight, and easy to carry in the premium carrying case. Don’t compromise quality for convenience; with Green Elephant, you can have both!

Green Elephant is an extremely new company that focuses on high-end camping gear that performs better than its competitors in many instances. The Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles are a perfect example of this as they can support more weight than any other product on our list at 35 pounds apiece.

However, an awesome feature is that they can be adjusted to fit several needs from 8’2 ½” in height down to 2’9 ½”. This ability comes from the Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles’ telescopic design that relies on twist locks to afford infinite positioning.

Continuing with unique, but exceptional features, these tent poles also come with silicon tips to protect tarps and tents from the poles’ metal tops. The Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles also come with a rubber foot and are made of anodized aluminum to protect the floor and themselves.

Of course, getting so many exceptional features in a two poles package comes with a cost, and these tent poles are not inexpensive. On top of that, the Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles do not work with nearly as many pre-made tents as some of their competitors — especially those that thread the poles through sleeves.

  • PROs

    • Has twist locks
    • Is a telescopic pole
    • Can be adjusted
    • Can support 35 lbs
    • Two pole set
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Cannot be threaded


The Green Elephant Telescoping Tent Poles works best for people with custom setups, but it has such good all-around specs that most people can find great ways to use this product during their trips.

Odoland Adjustable Tent Poles

Best Telescoping Tent Poles

Odoland Adjustable Tarp Poles, Telescoping Aluminum Tarp and Tent Poles Set of 2, Collapsible Lightweight Poles for Camping, Backpacking, Hammocks, Sun Shade Shelters, and Awnings
  • Make from light weight and durable aluminum alloy strong and elegant;
  • Collapsible structure design, easy for storage and take alone;
  • Length adjustable, allow you to adjust the length accord to your need;
  • Install and pick up easily, just in a second;
  • Idea for beach shelter, camping tarp etc.

The Odoland Adjustable Tent Poles take a couple of different design principles generally used for disparate products and combine them into a superior whole. A great example of this is that these tent poles are not only telescopic, but they also employ the shock cord construction used by most fiberglass models.

This allows the Odoland Adjustable Tent Poles to remain connected even when not assembled and makes assembling them that much easier. On top of that, these tent poles rely on screw locks, which tend to be some of the more effective locks used for aluminum tent poles.

Unfortunately, this design is not cheap, and the Odoland Adjustable Tent Poles are consequently an expensive brand of aftermarket tent poles. It also does not help that these tent poles weigh 1 lb 14 ⅖ oz, making them the most cumbersome tent poles on our list and not ideal for backpackers.

  • PROs

    • Can be adjusted
    • Is a telescopic pole
    • Made of aluminum
    • Has screw locks
    • Two pole set
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Are heavier poles


The Odoland Adjustable Tent Poles might have the best locking mechanism for aluminum-based telescopic tent poles on our list and stay together even better thanks to the included shock cord.

Weanas Aluminum Rod Tent Poles

Longest Tent Poles

Weanas Tent Poles Replacement, Aluminum Rod Tent Pole Multifunction Lightweight Tent Pole Repair Kit, 7001 Series Aluminum Heated (11’3″(343cm) 2 Pole)
  • 【FIT MALE & FEMALE ENDS】Assembled with Male End Connectors, if your tent has Male connectors, just pull out the male end, do not untie it, and hold it to the side. Then slide the male connector of the tent into the hollow tube. Please follow the picture guide to the left.
  • 【VERSATILE AND DIY READY】If you only need to remove part of a section you can use a small pipe/tubing cutter to cut the aluminum section. Then just shorten the shock cord to match the new length. We’ve created these replacement aluminum tent poles so you can easily disassemble them to remove or add sections to meet the needs of your DIY project.
  • 【ASSEMBLED POLE SET】Designed for your easy usage to fit your tent, it’s assembled, save your energy and time to install, open directly to replace whole fiberglass or aluminum tent pole. In the meanwhile, you can follow the left picture guideline to adapt to the female end connector
  • 【BUILT TO LAST】Made from the highest quality 7001 series aircraft-grade aluminum and high-quality bungee. This ensures the poles can take the bends well whereas many cheaper aluminum poles would have crumpled or snapped. Every Pole Sections are carefully handled for a smooth connection between pole sections for your really quick set-up/takedown
  • 【YOU WILL LOVW THE POLES】We design every product to the highest quality standard, perfect as Replacement Tent Poles, Awning Support, etc.

Weanas has been around a bit longer than some of the other entries on our list, which provides them insight into many different camping situations. In this instance, the Weanas Aluminum Rod Tent Poles are the only models that come in a variety of different lengths that we reviewed.

Even better than that, all sizes are longer than any other product on our list with the shortest option coming in at a lengthy 11’3″. The Weanas Aluminum Rod Tent Poles are still ideal for backpackers as they only weigh 14.1 oz and pack down to 13 ½” when folded.

Of course, appealing to a wide range of different needs is never easy, which is why the Weanas Aluminum Rod Tent Poles are an expensive option. On top of that, the two poles included are composed of 11 segments, each which can make assembling them more complicated than most.

  • PROs

    • Only weighs 14.1 oz
    • Extends to 11’3″
    • Comes in different sizes
    • Folds to 13 ½”
    • Option to choose one or two pole sets
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Not easy to assemble


Whether you need a lightweight and compact option or tent poles that can accommodate a wide variety of extremely large tents, the Weanas Aluminum Rod Tent Poles have you covered on all fronts.

Paria Outdoor Products Tent Poles

Best Peg Tent Poles

Paria Outdoor Products Adjustable Tarp and Tent Poles – Versatile, Durable, and Lightweight – Perfect for Camping, Backpacking, Hammocks, Shelters, and Awnings
  • ►VERSATILE – Our adjustable tarp poles extend from less than 32 inches up to 72 inches, allowing you to easily pitch your tent, tarp or awning. You can even combine the two poles to get a longer length if needed. Finally, if you skip the rubber bottom, you can get down to only 18 inches.
  • ►LIGHTWEIGHT – The full pair of poles comes in at only 28 ounces. However, due to the versatile nature of our poles, you only need to bring the number of sections that you need, meaning no added weight in your pack.
  • ►UNIVERSAL – The 1.5 inch spike tip will accommodate any grommet or guy line, while the rubber bottom will ensure you have adequate grip even on the slickest granite.
  • ►DURABLE – We use the highest quality 7000-series aluminum alloy to create a solid product that will last you for countless adventures.
  • ►LIFETIME WARRANTY – We’re a US-based company that offers a lifetime warranty on all of our gear. If you have any problems with your tarp poles, let us know and we’ll do our best to help!

Paria Outdoor Products hails from avid campers, which is what inspired them to employ peg locks for their tents poles, a unique feature. While peg locks are not ideal for every situation, they provide a great balance between infinite adjustment and strength without serious sacrifice.

Even better, the peg lock structure allows the Paria Outdoor Products tent poles to be used for trekking poles if the need arrives. You also do not have to worry about them holding up under this strain as these tent poles are made out of durable 7000-series aircraft aluminum and have rubber feet.

Of course, robust and durable tent poles that can be used for other purposes are not cheap to make, and these tent poles are an expensive option. On top of that, the Paria Outdoor Products tent poles are some of the shortest we reviewed with a max height of only 6′– though they pack down to 18″.

  • PROs

    • Can be adjusted
    • Has peg locks
    • Made of 7000-series aluminum aircraft
    • Folds to 18″
    • Two pole set
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Is a shorter tent pole


If you need a sturdy pair of tent poles that can serve double duty in a pinch, the 7000-series aircraft aluminum and peg locks of the Paria Outdoor Products tent poles should suit you well.

Texsport Replacement Kit Tent Poles

Best Fiberglass Poles for Tents

Texsport 14109: 7/16” Tent Pole Replacement Kit
  • Four 25-5-Inch fiberglass tent poles
  • Zinc coated steel ferrules
  • Two vinyl pole caps, grommet tip and instructions
  • P.V.C. bag/header
  • 10-Feet of elastic shock-cord and 29-Inch leader wire

Texsport is a company that focuses primarily on aftermarket products with their fiberglass tent poles coming in as the best on our list. A major benefit of using this product over some of the other models we reviewed is that they are more flexible and can support curved tent frames.

On top of that, this is one of the few fiberglass pole models that come in a variety of diameters so that it can fit various tent sleeve sizes. Even better, as fiberglass poles, the Texsport option is an inexpensive model that still extends out to 8’4″.

On the other hand, that price may not necessarily be that cheap if you need to replace multiple poles as the Texsport tent pole only provides a single pole. It also does not help the fact that fiberglass poles build is not nearly as strong or durable as an aluminum tent pole is.

  • PROs

    • Comes in different sizes
    • Extends to 8’4″
    • Is more flexible
    • Is less expensive
  • CONs

    • Not the strongest
    • Only has a single-pole


If you need fiberglass poles to replace a broken pole, the Texsport tent poles come in different sizes to fit your tent sleeve with an unmatched combination of strength and flexibility.

Coleman Replacement Tent Poles

Best Budget Tent Poles

Coleman Replacement Tent Pole Kit, Black, 27″ x 9.5mm
  • Convenient tent pole kit lets you replace a lost or broken pole instead of the entire tent
  • Includes four 27-inch fiberglass replacement poles with pre-attached ferrules
  • 10 feet of shock cord and lead wire provide the perfect amount of tension
  • Vinyl pole caps help prevent tent fabric from ripping
  • Easy setup instructions included

Coleman is easily the oldest, most experienced, and largest outdoors manufacturing company on our list, which is likely why they are also an inexpensive option. Even better, these tent poles can accommodate the largest tents that require fiberglass poles that we found thanks to a maximum extension of 9′.

The Coleman Replacement tent poles are also decent for backpackers as they are some of the lightest poles we came across, tipping the scales at a measly 14.1 oz. Of course, the fact that these poles are made of fiberglass and shock cord provides plenty of flexibility for curved tent frames.

On the other hand, the fiberglass and shock cord construction also restrict exactly how durable these tent poles are. While the low cost is not blunted if you need to purchase more, the fact that they are explicitly designed for use with Coleman tents might limit their versatility.

  • PROs

    • Extends to 9′
    • Only weighs 14.1 oz
    • Is more flexible
    • Is less expensive
  • CONs

    • Not the strongest
    • Only has one pole

Bottom-Line: If you have a Coleman tent and need to a replacement pole, the Coleman Replacement tent poles are inexpensive, lightweight, and longer than any other fiberglass tent poles reviewed.

Coghlan’s Fiberglass Tent Poles

Lightest Tent Poles

Coghlan’s Fiberglass Tent Pole Repair Kit, Multi, One Size (0127.1073)
  • Enables you to quickly replace broken or damaged tent poles
  • Includes four 9. 5mm fiberglass tent pole sections with shock cord, lead wire, and ferrules
  • Helps provide stability and structure to your shelter
  • Fix broken tents quickly

Coghlan’s is one of the older companies we reviewed, which might explain why they understand what backpackers need more than most: lightweight gear. The Coghlan’s fiberglass tent poles are the lightest products that we reviewed coming in at a svelte 11 ⅕ oz.

Even better, this tent pole is also longer than most of the competition, including aftermarket aluminum tent poles, extending to 8’6″. It also helps that, like most other fiberglass tent poles, the Coghlan’s are flexible enough that they can support tents with a curved frame and thin enough to slip into sleeves.

It should almost go without saying that the flexibility afforded to these tent poles from their fiberglass construction compromises their ultimate durability. On top of that, this is another aftermarket tent pole model whose low cost may not match up as well if you need more than one pole.

  • PROs

    • Only weighs 11 ⅖ oz
    • Is more flexible
    • Extends to 8’6″
    • Is less expensive
  • CONs

    • Not the strongest
    • Only has one pole

Bottom-Line: The Coghlan’s Fiberglass Tent Poles are a backpacker’s dream, particularly if that backpacker uses a tent with a curved frame, thanks to its substantial length and lightweight build.

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