Chillax Hammock Review

The Chillax Double Travel Hammock Reviewed

CHILLAX Forest Green - Double Travel Hammock with Integrated Suspension

The Chillax Travel Hammock stands out because it’s made from lightweight, breathable parachute silk that is also water-resistant. This is a great product to take with you camping as the material is showerproof and will help keep you cool in warm climates. 

It comes with an integrated suspension system – meaning you have everything you need to hang the hammock; there are 2 hooks and two waterproof polyester ropes with a rope length of 3m. The integrated suspension loops allow you to quickly hang your hammock without having to tie a single knot.

The stuff sack is attached to the hammock for storage. While the hammocks in use, this can be used to store your cell phone or other small items. When you take down your hammock, it can be folded neatly and inserted into the bag along with the ropes and hooks.

Chillax is a relatively new startup that was created by a group of college students who love the outdoors, and the company has quickly seen rapid growth. 


  • Great value for money as the price is lower than other similar products.
  • The company offers speedy shipping
  • It is made from high quality, silky material which is very soft and smooth.
  • Designed to be breathable in warm weather.
  • Created using a water-resistant material.


  • The hammock cocoons around your body, which some people don’t like.
  • It comes with a tiny bag, which is sometimes hard to get the hammock back into.

Bottom line: The Chillax Travel Hammock is a fantastic product at a spectacularly low price point, that is good for camping on the trails or simply chilling with friends in your backyard.

Things to consider before buying a hammock

Are you thinking about going camping, but don’t want to carry a heavy tent with you? If you need to walk a long way to get to your campsite or if you like to go wild camping, travel hammocks can be an excellent alternative to a tent.

The Chillax Hammock would be great for someone who’s adventurous and loves the outdoors. If you want to go hiking and are looking for a lightweight easy to carry hammock which is breathable and water-resistant, then this is an excellent product for you.

If, however, you plan to go camping in colder climates or a frequent backpacker, this hammock may not be for you. Even the slightest breeze can get through the Chillax hammock, so choosing a thicker hammock with a sleeping bag or a tent may be a better option.

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What to think about before buying the Chillax Hammock?

  • Consider the weight capacity, especially if you plan to have more then one person in the hammock.
  • Do you want a breathable hammock, or would a warmer hammock be better? 
  • Where will you hang your hammock?

Chillax Travel Hammock Specifications, Features & Benefits

Hammock set up

It’s very quick and easy to set the travel hammock up, which will give you more time to relax. The hammock comes with two hooks and 3 m long elasticated ropes with two glass fiber reinforced Smarthooks, attached to the suspension loops.

You don’t have to know or tie any knots when suspending this hammock, making it a cinch.

Weight Capacity

The Chillax Hammock can hold up to 395 pounds. While this is a slightly lower weight capacity than other similar products on the market, you will be able to seat two adults in the hammock comfortably.

While it is billed as a double travel hammock, and two adults can lay down in the hammock, spending the whole night together may be a bit cramped.


The chillax hammock is made with a very smooth, comfortable nylon trilobal fabric; (also known as parachute silk), which is very lightweight yet strong.

It is also breathable and fast-drying, which is excellent for those nights where you’ve been caught in the rain. Its water resistance is also beneficial to people who have kids that are likely to be eating and drinking while sitting in the hammock.

Weight & Packed Size

The Chillax travel hammock weighs just 1 pound and 8 ounces, so it’s great for hiking or backpacking. It measures 78.7” by 118” and can also be used as a picnic blanket by simply detaching the suspension loops. The length of the Chillax Hammock is 9 feet, 2 inches, and with a width of over 6 feet, this hammock has space for two people. There are two color choices.

Cleaning Instructions

The Chillax hammock is very easy to clean. It can either be put in the washing machine on a gentle setting, or you can spot clean your hammock. If you choose to spot clean your hammock, use a damp cloth and some soap to remove small stains.


If you’re planning on going camping, but don’t want to carry a heavy tent with you the chillax hammock is a great alternative. You should choose this product if you’re looking for a lightweight hammock, making it easy to carry. Everything you need for set up is included with this hammock.

The Chillax hammock has a bag attached, so it will never get lost. This allows you to fold up and pack away your hammock easily. It folds down into a tiny package so it won’t take up much room in your backpack.

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