Grand Trunk Double vs. ENO Doublenest: Hammock Showdown

Whether you’re an avid backpacker, enjoy hammock camping, or a back yard hammock enthusiast, it’s essential to know the differences in hammocks that make one a better choice over the other. We’re conducting a full comparison of the Grand Trunk Double vs. the Eno Doublenest to determine which is the superior product.

Are you looking for the best all-around multi-purpose hammock, or do you need one that is more suited for a specific use? Regardless of your situation, you’ll find useful details about the features of each camping hammock we’re comparing so you can decide which offers the benefits that you’re looking for.

Head to Head Overview

Use the Grand Trunk Double (GTD) Hammock if:

Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Print Hammock with Carabiners and Hanging Kit
  • You want more room to spread out and relax
  • You need more space for a second person’s comfort in the hammock
  • You prefer the rope suspension system for hanging the hammock

Use the ENO Doublenest (ENO) Hammock if:

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock, 1 to 2 Person, Orange/Grey
  • You need a smaller more compact size for a backpack
  • You want a hammock that comes with a built-in storage bag
  • Ounces matter when carrying the hammock in a bag or backpack

Grand Trunk Double Breakdown

Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Print Hammock with Carabiners and Hanging Kit

The Grand Trunk company started business in 2001 in Chicago, Illinois. The founders had a passion for adventure, travel, and the great outdoors. They built the company to encourage others to explore the world and also to equip them with the necessary gear for safety and comfort.

Two Person Capacity

The most outstanding feature is the larger size when compared to most others. This hammock is a full 10 ft 6 inches in length and 6 ft 6 inches in width. It’s one of the roomiest and most spacious hammocks available on the market today. 

It’s ideal for couples who like to relax together without feeling cramped. This is one of the few two-person hammocks that are genuinely comfortable with more than one person inside.

Durable & Breathable Materials

The hammock fabric is 100% 70D Parachute Nylon material. This is an extremely strong and durable material that enhances the longevity of the hammock for years of reliable use. 

The parachute nylon hammock material allows air to circulate to prevent overheating from the body and sweating. This keeps you dry and comfortable

The hammock comes with nautical grade carabiners, which have had a recent upgrade, and a 5 mm thick rope for additional strength. The hammock has a weight limit of 300 lbs.

So sure are they of their product, Grand Trunk offers a lifetime warranty on their hammocks.

Compact and lightweight

This generous sized hammock folds down into a small size of 9 x 4.6 x 4 inches for easy storage in a backpack or rucksack. It weighs just 21.60 ounces, so it’s not difficult to carry even when hiking for miles with the hammock stored in your backpack.

Easy setup

The setup doesn’t require any special tools. The rope suspension system goes up quickly and without a hassle. You can have a place to lie down and get off your feet in a matter of a few minutes.


  • Fast setup
  • Ample room for two
  • Portable for easy carrying
  • Durable materials for long life
  • Multi-functional for hiking, camping or back yard use


  • No suspension straps are included
  • Larger and heavier when folded up and no stuff sack is included

ENO DoubleNest Breakdown

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock, 1 to 2 Person, Orange/Grey

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The 70 denier nylon taffeta material is very strong and resilient. It provides a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds combined weight. Aluminum carabiners are also strong and durable. Triple stitching acts as a reinforcement that adds to the toughness of this camping hammock

Breathable material

The nylon material allows just enough air to pass through to prevent overheating of the body and sweating. Breathable material makes this double parachute hammock more comfortable.

Compact and lightweight

The most outstanding features of the ENO DoubleNest are the incredibly lightweight and compact sizeThe DoubleNest folds down into a small size of 5 x 5 inches with a weight of just 19 ounces. The nylon taffeta fabric and aluminum carabiners are both lightweight materials.

Easy setup

This camping hammock can be set up in just a few minutes. Straps are sold separately and must be purchased before use.

One to Two Person Capacity

The unfolded dimensions of the DoubleNest are 9 ft 4 inches x 6 feet 2 inches. There is room for one or two persons, depending on the size of each.

Sustainably sourced

ENO uses every scrap of fabric that is produced, which includes remnant pieces. Due to this commitment to avoid waste, there may be some differences in color and stitching that vary from the pictures in advertisements.


  • Durable materials for strength and reliability
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Exceptionally lightweight and compact
  • Sustainably sourced


  • Exposure to UV rays fades the color
  • Colors and stitching may vary from advertised photos

Features Face to Face


The Grand Trunk Double and ENO DoubleNest are both made of strong nylon material that is the same strength. They are equal in weight capacity, but the ENO pulls into the lead because of its triple stitching that lends additional durability. Although the colors fade when exposed to excessive UV rays, it is the superior product for durability.


Each of the hammocks is easy to assemble, and both can be suspended quickly. Neither comes with straps, which is a downside for both, but the Grand Trunk does come with rope suspension system. This makes it a better product for its self-contained assembly ease without the need to buy separate accessories.

Packed size & Weight

When it comes to a compact size for backpackers, the ENO hammock emerges as the winner. It comes with its own built-in stuff sack and folds into a tiny 5 x 5-inch package for space-saving storage. The Grand Trunk hammock is 9 x 4.6 inches when folded down.

The ENO DoubleNest is also the winner when it comes to lightweight convenience. It weighs just 19 ounces vs. the 21.60 ounces of its competitor.

Usable dimensions (comfort)

When it comes to size, the GTD takes first place. While the ENO hammock is 9 ft 4 x 6 ft 2 inches, the Grand Trunk is 10 ft 6 inches in length and 6 ft 6 inches in width when unfolded. It easily beats the DoubleNest in this contest.

Final Comparison

The Grand Trunk Double hammock has the highest number of stand out features, which gives it an edge over the ENO product. When we compare these outstanding features, here is how it breaks down.

Grand Trunk Double

Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Print Hammock with Carabiners and Hanging Kit
  • Wider
  • Longer
  • Starter rope kit included
  • True two-person capacity/comfort

ENO DoubleNest

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock, 1 to 2 Person, Orange/Grey
  • Lighter
  • Smaller when folded
  • Triple stitching strength


The Grand Trunk Double is the winner overall. It offers true two-person capacity with room for even more, while the DoubleNest is suitable for one possibly two persons. The leader has ample room for a more luxurious feeling and greater comfort. It comes with a suspension system included while the DoubleNest does not. 

If your goal is a small and lightweight hammock, the ENO DoubleNest is the best choice, but for overall comfort and a product that is ready to use right out of the box, the Grand Trunk Double wins hands down.

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