Hennessy Hammocks Reviews: Choosing the Right Hammock for You

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Our Favorite Hammock

Explorer Deluxe XL Series 

Hennessy Hammock - Safari Deluxe Classic XXL

The Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Zip XL is our best overall winner for a couple of reasons, but one of the main ones comes down to its size. The hammock fabric stretches out to 130” x 59” and is the second-largest hammock base on our list, more than large enough for most people.

This zip-up hammock ties for the top spot in height limit at 7’ and claims another second-place position in terms of weight limit at 300 pounds. All of these specs are further supported by the included rope, which is the second-strongest, sporting an 1800 lb test.

These upper limits undoubtedly also benefit from the Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Zip XL’s construction, which is the second-strongest on our list. The hammock fabric is made out of 140D nylon taffeta while the rain fly boasts a 70D polyester construction with a polyurethane waterproof coating.

Bottom Line: Sitting at a relative “sweet spot” for the price, the Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Zip XL can accommodate pretty much anyone and keeps them safe with durable materials and the ability to close completely.

Hennessy Hammocks Reviews

Looking for the Right Hennessy Hammock for your Needs?

You’re in the right place! In this guide, we will be covering the following:

    • Break down the different hammocks into niches
    • Reviews of all their different models
    • Pick our favorite overall hammock

When planning for a hammock camping trip, figuring out where you are going to sleep and how to make it comfortable can be a tricky proposition. Not only do you need to protect yourself from the elements, but you also need to take just enough gear to prevent packing too much or leaving something else behind.

Hennessy Hammocks solve all of these issues as their products are some of the most well-made hammocks on the market with a patent-pending design. However, there are plenty of different models to choose from, with each one focusing on a different type of camping experience.

That is why we put together our list of the 7 best Hennessy Hammock reviews of 2020, highlighting what each one does best. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the right Hennessy Hammock to suit your needs and help drift you off to peaceful sleep.

History of Hennessy Hammocks

While on family camping trips with his mother, Tom, and his siblings would use old WWII surplus hammocks to lounge in. Unable to purchase a similar hammock once he got older, Tom eventually decided to make one himself, tinkering with the design to improve upon the original.

A little over 20 years ago, Tom started Hennessy Hammocks and began selling his products to popular outdooring retailers like REI. Today, Hennessy Hammocks is a sustainably made product that comes with complimentary webbing straps, so you leave no trace on the trees you were ever there.

Further reading: If you need a little help with your first hammock camping trip then check out our guide here.

How to Pick the Right Hennessy Hammock for You

Height Limit

This would generally be more important depending on the camper in question, but Hennessy Hammocks tend to follow company standards. Specifically, the average height limit of a Hennessy Hammock is 6’, though this measurement assumes you lie flat on your back with your legs fully extended.

That said, Hennessy Hammocks make camping models designed for people of all sizes, both taller and shorter than 6’. In terms of their maximum height limit, this brand does not exceed 7’ and only dips below the 6’ company standard for models made for children.

Weight Limit

Much like with the height limit, the weight limit of Hennessy Hammocks follows a company standard, though there is a bit more wiggle room depending on the model in question. For the base standard, most Hennessy camping hammocks support up to at least 250 pounds.

Depending on which size you purchase and exactly how “extra” you want your large, the bigger hammock may support anywhere from 300 to 350 pounds. Conversely, hammocks made for children support less than 250 pounds as do ultralight hammocks made for backpacking.

Weight & Packed Size

These qualities matter more depending on what kind of camping you do with those modes that involve hiking to a remote campsite placing a higher premium on lighter and more compact gear. In terms of weight, no Hennessy Hammock weighs more than 4 pounds, though that is cold comfort for larger backpackers.

On the other hand, even the larger Hennessy Hammocks tend to pact down into compact profiles with no dimension extending out further than 12”.



Almost all camping Hammocks come with one or more waterproofing types, generally in the form of a rain fly. Even better, all of the included rainflys are treated with a waterproof coating of either polyurethane or silicone.

Bug Proofing

Most Hennessy Hammocks provide a base level of protection from bugs with the inclusion of a top mesh layer bug net. However, some models are made specifically to protect you from insects, with a hammock that zips up an enclosure, or has a dual-layered hammock base, or both.


The overwhelming majority of their camping hammocks meet a company standard of 70D nylon taffeta for both the hammock base and the rainfly. The regularly included mesh netting to protect you from bugs often comes in at either 20D or 30D polyester.

That said, some models use a lower grade of fabric for the hammock base, though this often drops the weight. Conversely, other Hennessy Hammock models are stronger than the company standard, generally, so they can support heavier occupants.

Hennessy Hammock Reviews: The Results

Hennessy Expedition Asym Series Review

Best All-Around Value

Hennessy Hammock - Expedition Zip

Hennessy Hammock offers plenty of models that appeal to particular niches, but the Expedition Classic takes the best average and provides it at a low cost. For example, this hammock is made of 70D nylon taffeta for the base and 70D polyester coated in polyurethane for the rain fly.

On top of that, the Expedition Classic is easier to carry than some as it packs down to 4” x 7” x 9”. Even better, this hammock comes with all of the great features you expect like the automatic closure and the gear loft attached to the zipline.

Unfortunately, this hammock suffers a bit in terms of its ultimate specs as the 6’ height limit combined with the asymmetrical design is not the most comfortable for everyone. It also does not help that the Expedition Classic is challenging to assemble and not suitable for extreme conditions.

  • PROs

    • Packs down to 4″ x 7″ x 9″
    • Made of durable materials
    • Is a convenient hammock
    • Is less expensive
  • CONs

    • Not easy to assemble
    • Not the most comfortable

Bottom-Line: The Expedition Classic has everything you need at a low price, from durable materials to a convenient setup and packs down smaller than most.

Deep Jungle Series Review

Best Protection

Hennessy Hammock - Deep Jungle Zip - Premium Double Bottom Hammock for The Buggiest Jungles on The Planet

The Deep Jungle Zip is Hennessy’s approach to offering shelter in some of the most inhospitable warm-weather environments around. For starters, this hammock boasts some of the best waterproofing we encountered with a rain fly that supports a 2000 mm hydrostatic rating.

This waterproofing comes from the unusual material used whereby nylon and silicon threads are woven together and then treated with a polyurethane coating. Also, the Deep Jungle Zip has a dual hammock layer and the bug net zips up completely, so you do not have to worry about insects.

Unfortunately, as great as Hennessy Hammocks already are, improving on one of the best hammock brands costs money, and this is an expensive hammock. On top of that, all of the extra features and treatments also weigh down the Deep Jungle Zip, which tips the scales at 2 lb 10 oz.

  • PROs

    • Has great waterproofing
    • Superior no-see-um mosquito net
    • Made of durable materials
    • Zips completely shut
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Is a heavier hammock

Bottom-Line: The Deep Jungle Zip offers more protection from the wilderness than most other models with a 2000 mm hydrostatic waterproofing and a dual-layer nylon66 hammock bed.

Leaf Lounger Series Review

Best for Your Budget

Hennessy Hammock - Leaf Lounger XL - for Lazy Sundays with a Book in The Backyard

While Hennessy always provide good performance, they tend to be more expensive than competing brands, which is where the Leaf Lounger comes in. For a full-size adult, this is a surprisingly inexpensive hammock that does not disappoint in many other areas.

For example, this is one of the more portable hammocks on our list with the Leaf Lounger weighing in at 1 lb 3 oz and packing down into a compact 3” x 4” x 10” stuff sack. Even better, you still get the same excellent build you would expect with a hammock base made of 70D nylon taffeta.

That said, finding a budget-friendly hammock will cost you somewhere down the line, and for this model, that cost comes in the form of protection. Specifically, this is the only product that we reviewed, which provides neither a rain fly nor a mesh layer.

  • PROs

    • Only weighs 1 lb 3 oz
    • 3″ x 4″ x 10″
    • Made of durable materials
    • Is less expensive
  • CONs

    • No ridge line or rain fly included
    • No mesh included

Bottom-Line: The Leaf Lounger is perfect for people who want to sleep under the open stars while still packing better than most and can handle plenty of use thanks to durable materials.

Cub Zip Review

Best Children’s Hammock

Hennessy Hammock - Cub Zip - Our Smallest Camping Hammock for Kids

Finding a hammock for full-sized adults is one thing, but making sure the hammock can accommodate a child without swallowing them whole is another. The Cub Zip is not only designed specifically for a child but still meets most other high standards.

As you generally expect from Hennessy, the Cub Zip is made of 70D polyester for the base and features 70D polyester treated with polyurethane for the rainfly. Even better, this hammock zips up entirely and is much easier to carry, weighing only 2 lb 1 oz and packing down into a 4” x 7” x 9” stuff sack.

That said, being made for a child tends to restrict this hammock for use by only a child as it has both the lowest height and weight limits on our list at 5’4” and 120 lbs, respectively. As if that were not enough, the Cub Zip also has the lowest test rope at only 720 pounds.

  • PROs

    • Only weighs 2 lb 1 oz
    • Packs down to 4″ x 7″ x 9″
    • Made of durable materials
    • Is less expensive
  • CONs

    • Not the biggest
    • Not the sturdiest

Bottom-Line: The Cub Zip is the perfect hammock for children, made out of durable materials, zips up completely to keep kids safe, and packs up better than some.

Ultralite Backpacker Series Review

Best Hammock for Backpackers

Hennessy Hammock - Ultralite Backpacker Classic - A Compact Favourite on The Long Trails

While Hennessy makes various models for different sizes of people and environments, their Ultralite Backpacker Classic is one of the few for specific types of camping. What is more surprising is that this hammock maintains most of the same specs while still accommodating backpackers’ needs.

For instance, the Ultralite Backpacker Classic is one of the lightest models reviewed and is the lightest one made for adults at only 1 lb 15 oz. On top of that, the lightweight design finds itself complemented with one of the most compact profiles on our list at a svelte 4” x 6” x 9”.

On the other hand, keeping the relative durability and general specs equal is a costly process, and the Ultralite Backpacker Classic is an expensive option. It also does not help that this hammock has the lightest adult weight limit at 200 pounds and only a 1200 lb test rope.

  • PROs

    • Only weighs 1 lb 15 oz
    • 4″ x 6″ x 9″
    • Has superior waterproofing
    • Made of durable materials
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Not the sturdiest

Bottom-Line: For backpackers who do not have space or weight to waste, the Ultralite Backpacker Classic packs up better than any other adult hammock reviewed and offers excellent waterproofing.

Safari Deluxe XXL Series Review

Most Durable

Hennessy Hammock - Safari Deluxe Classic XXL

Many of the hammocks we reviewed focus on one area or another, but the Safari Deluxe Classic XXL is among the few to aim the highest. For example, this hammock is tied for first place in terms of height limit, able to accommodate someone up to 7’ tall.

Likewise, the Safari Deluxe Classic XXL tops our list concerning weight limit and can hold up to 350 pounds. However, the construction of this hammock stands out the most with a hammock base made of 210D Oxford nylon and rope with a 2100 lb test to match.

Unfortunately, all of these specs that rate at the top of our list does not come cheap, and the Safari Deluxe Classic XXL is an expensive model. This is also not the hammock to take along if you need to hike to your campsite as it weighs the most at 3 lb 14 oz.

  • PROs

    • Made of durable materials
    • Has a 7’ height limit
    • Has a 350 lb weight limit
    • Has 2100 lb rope
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Is a heavier hammock

Bottom-Line: The Safari Deluxe Classic XXL tops our list in several different categories. It offers plenty of room for any size of camper and made out of the most robust materials reviewed.

Explorer Deluxe XL Series Review

Best Hammock for Larger Folks

Hennessy Hammock - Explorer Deluxe Zip XL

While this model may not top our list in all categories, it ranks second in most of them and comes with additional features not often found. For instance, this is only the second hammock made for an adult that features a fully zipped enclosure to offer more protection from insects.

Of course, this hammock can accommodate some of our larger campers, tying our list with a height limit of 7’ and earning the second-best rank for its weight limit at 300 pounds. Even better, the Explorer Deluxe Zip XL makes it a point to provide a durable build with a 140D nylon taffeta hammock base.

As with any hammock that exceeds the company standard, the Explorer Deluxe Zip XL is an expensive model. Likewise, as a hammock that accommodates larger campers and offers thicker fabric, it also weighs more at 3 lb 9 oz.

  • PROs

    • Has a 7’ height limit
    • Has a 300 lb weight limit
    • Made of durable materials
    • Has 1800 lb rope
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive
    • Is a heavier hammock

Bottom-Line: The Explorer Deluxe Zip XL is a huge hammock, able to hold pretty much anyone that is made out of durable materials and completely zips up.

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