Choosing the Best Backpacking Tent (or Shelter) [2024 Update]

Several Tents in forest at night_featimage

Choosing the Best Backpacking Tent (or not) Backpackers sometimes need shelter but don’t necessarily always need to carry a tent. Many hikers sleep out under the stars, especially in the summer. (Some call this “cowboy camping.”) It saves time and energy and can be very pleasant under the right conditions. There is something special about … Read more

Bear Country

Brown Bear

Bears are an increasingly common companion for hikers in the backcountry. According to a Ranger in Yosemite, there are now more than 30,000 black bears in California, which is a sharp increase over the past decade. Hiking safety in the daytime generally means backpackers have the responsibility to yield to Black Bears. Basically, that means … Read more