“Backpacking For Scouts” Manual

Request your own free copy at the bottom. “Backpacking for Scouts” contains Checklists, “Trail Tips”, pictures and useful references for a fun (and safe) wilderness backpacking adventure. Topics include trail leadership, physical conditioning, planning the hike, what to pack, how to buy equipment, taking care of your feet, navigation, wilderness first aid, setting up a campsite, and ideas for fine dining at any altitude.

Backpacking For Scouts
A comprehensive guide for planning and executing a successful backpacking adventure for you or your group.

Sample Pages - Backpacking for Boys

Table of Contents for “Backpacking for Scouts”

Backpacking Introduction Page 5
Hike Planning
Leave No Trace
Ultralight Backpacking

Practice Hikes & Conditioning Page 14
Sample Practice Hikes Schedule
Participation Report with Pack Weights

Protect Your Feet Page 18
Foot Protection System
Tips for Buying Boots
What Is a Blister?
Dealing with Hot Spots
Duct Tape First Aid

Backpacking’s Big Five Purchases Page 22
Shopping for Equipment
Choosing a Backpack
Choosing a Sleeping Bag
Choosing a Shelter/Tent
Choosing a Cooking Stove
Choosing a Water Treatment Methods

Moving Along the Trail Page 41
Packing a Backpack
Moving As A Group
Rules of the Trail
Following a Trail
Maps, GPS, and Navigation Tools
Maps and Compass
Trail Profiles

Setting Up Your Campsite Page 53
Pitching a Tent
Black Bears and Smellables
Hanging Food From Trees
Setting Up Your Campsite (continued)
Digging a Cat Hole
Staying Clean – Swimming

Hiking Safety Page 67
Getting Lost
Forest Fires
Unexpected Snow

Scourges of the Forest Page 71
Poisonous Snakes
Poison Oak
Mosquitoes Suck

Wilderness First Aid Page 79
Preparation is the Key
Mountain Maladies
Common Injuries
Building a First Aid Kit

Meals, Food and Nutrition Page 86
Menu and Duty Roster
Nutritional Value
How Do You Eat?
Top Ten Trail Food Tips
Menu Ideas
Cleaning up After Meals

Dealing with Fear, Panic and Paranoia Page 97
Conducting a Pack Check

Pack List (What to Carry and Why) Page 100
Pack List Weights
50 miler Clothing & Equipment Pack List
Personal Equipment Descriptions
Clothing Descriptions
Group Equipment Descriptions

“Backpacking for Boys” is free for Scout leaders. Request it below and a Google Doc link will be emailed to you. Include your unit number and location in the request. You must include your email address (or we can’t send it to you!!)

Please find 50miler.com Backpacking Resource Center on Facebook and have your crew “like” the group. Then we can continue to provide support for your high adventure activities.



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