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Lighten Up On Pack Lists

Every credible organization provides a pack list to participants before taking them on any sort of high adventure backpacking outing. Inexperienced participants and their parents dutifully take these pack lists into stores to buy everything, exactly as it is written on the list. This is all very nice, except some pack lists are not very good at all.

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Losing Some Weight

Many Scout backpackers try to lighten their loads by counting ounces on smaller cheaper things in their pack or they try leaving extra clothing, food, and equipment at home. This is a nice idea but you can’t make a big weight difference with small sacrifices. The only way to significant lower your pack weight is to replace your backpack, tent/shelter, or sleeping system – often called the “Big Three of Backpacking.”

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Planning & Packing

Choosing a Scout Backpack

Choosing a new backpack for a Scout backpacker is a critical and expensive decision so spend some time making it. Visit some stores and try

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Scout Backpacking Pack List

The following is a description of required clothing and equipment for a one-week backpacking outing, which isn’t much different than the list for a three

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Buying Backpacking Equipment?

Parents of new backpackers often scrimp on their initial purchases and buy things that don’t work well or are too heavy. These inadequacies become very obvious after just a few hours of walking along a trail. It’s not unusual, then, for the new hiker to quickly decide they don’t like backpacking at all. When this conclusion is reached, the new equipment gets stashed in the garage and the ersatz hiker reaches for the remote control. (Please forward this email to your backpacker friends.)

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