Equip Hammock Review: Chillaxing In Style

Equip Lightweight Hammock – Perfect Backpacking Hammock, Portable Hammock & Camping Hammock – Select Styles Hold Up to 500lbs – Various Outdoor Hammock Colors & Patterns

The Equip Portable Hammock is ideal for travelers, campers, and hikers who are looking for a fast, affordable, and comfortable place to nap and relax whenever the occasion calls for it. This is a single person hammock that is easy to set up and to take down and pack away for another day of traveling. 

It is made from 210T Nylon material, which makes it pretty lightweight, robust, and quick-drying yet breathable. It uses a rope attachment kit that could be improved upon but doesn’t make it an overly onerous set up experience.

Bottom line: Our review found it to be a solid product for relaxing on short hiking and camping trips,  that comes at an affordable price.

Things to consider before buying a hammock

Before you commit to buying a hammock, it pays to think about what you need and what you want in a hammock.

Intended use

Narrowing down your search for the perfect hammock starts by figuring out what you want to use it for. Are you looking for something to hang and chill in the park or backyard on a lazy afternoon? Or are you wanting a high-end hammock for backpacking the Appalachian trail this summer?

How Easy is it to Hang

Another consideration is convenience. Most modern hammocks come with specialized kits and suspensions systems that don’t require an advanced degree in knot tying. Also, consider WHERE you are going to hang it – setting up to a set of trees is a different proposition to simply attaching the ends to a couple of hooks on a hammock stand in your yard.


We’d urge you to go through the first two points above first. Otherwise, you may kid yourself when you’re looking for a top of the line, lightweight camping hammock for under $10. 

Figure out what it is you want and need, and then look at the available options that fit your criteria – hopefully, one should fit your budget to match. Doing anything else may leave you with a disappointing product, and no budget to replace it.

Who this hammock is for

The Equip Portable Lightweight 1 person Hammock is for hikers, car campers, and travelers who are looking for a no-frills and budget-friendly hammock to chill/relax. It’s built with robust design and features. While it may work for a single night hammock camping trip, we’d recommend you look for lighter options such as the ENO Singlenest if you plan to on going on longer trips or are hauling your kit on your back.

Suggested Further Reading: If you’re not sure the Equip is for you then check out our review of the Chillax Hammock.

Features/specifications & Benefits

Equip Lightweight Hammock – Perfect Backpacking Hammock, Portable Hammock & Camping Hammock – Select Styles Hold Up to 500lbs – Various Outdoor Hammock Colors & Patterns
  • Equip single camping hammock with durable, lightweight, water-resistant nylon that is breathable and fast drying
  • Travel 1 person backpacking and camping hammock includes simple set up hanging kit and integrated easy to transport carry pouch
  • Supports weight up to 400 pounds
  • Only weighing 1.36 pounds
  • Open size 110in x 59in

One size fits most

When the product is unpacked, it is 116 inches long and 59 inches wide. This gives you plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable. The weight capacity is 400 pounds, so whether you’re small or large of frame, it will give you plenty of room.

Depending on the size of you, your companion/partner, it can handle two people, although be prepared to get very snuggly! That said, they do make a double hammock version if you and your partner want a little more room.


This hammock can be set up in just a few minutes. It takes two trees spaced 10-12 feet apart and a few moments to fasten the straps to the tree and attach the carabiners to the straps. A rope hanging kit is included with this hammock. 

It should be noted, however, that the rope hanging kit isn’t the most tree-friendly way to hang your travel hammock, and we’d recommend purchasing a separate whoopie slings/suspension kit to set up the hammock with ease and with LNT in mind.

Packed Weight & Size

The hammock folds down to a compact size of 6 x 8 x 4 inches, so it is easy to store in a backpack for easy carrying. Around the size of a small melon.

The total weight of this product is just 1.36 pounds. While this is relatively light, compared to most tents, it’s still significantly heavier than most of the popular products specifically tailored for backpacking, such as the Kammok Roo or the ENO Singlenest.

Durable & Breathable Material

The material that is used is strong and durable 210T Nylon. It’s light, but it’s also tough and resistant to damage.

The material is breathable, and that means that you won’t have issues with overheating or perspiration. If there is humidity or other moisture, it is also fast drying for greater comfort.

Another great feature of nylon material is how easy it is to clean and wash it.

Possible Improvements

Although the quality is outstanding, the stitching tends to be looser in some places. There are occasionally frayed ends where the manufacturers didn’t snip the ends of the thread entirely after sewing, but this doesn’t affect the performance.

Another improvement that could be made is to include a full suspension hanging kit with this travel hammock. The rope system does work fine, but a suspension system would make set up easier and more environmentally friendly. 

Finally, if we’re going to get picky, the stuff sack makes it a bit difficult, to well, stuff it in the sack. The main frustration with this is that the sack is attached to the hammock body, making compressing the hammock and fitting it into the sack a little awkward.


Equip Lightweight Hammock – Perfect Backpacking Hammock, Portable Hammock & Camping Hammock – Select Styles Hold Up to 500lbs – Various Outdoor Hammock Colors & Patterns

The Equip Portable Travel Hammock is, in our opinion, one of the best hammocks for travelers and hikers looking for a simple hammock to relax in. It’s compact and light, which are essential features unless you don’t mind packing bulky objects and extra weight. 

It’s easy to set up and break-down for a fast and secure place to nap. It’s roomy and comfortable, and you won’t need to break the bank to own it.

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