Best Camp Stoves for Backpacking [2023 update]

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The Best Backpacking Stoves for While cooking your trail food over fires might seem like a good idea to a Tenderfoot, they generally wreak havoc on the environment and are often prohibited in popular camping areas. The solution is a backpacker’s stove. For most backpacking units, the main decision will be between two stove categories: … Read more

Water Purification

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Water. It’s the source of all life. It makes up around 60% of the average adult human body, and without it, our life expectancy dwindles to a meager three or four days. In short, staying hydrated is crucial to human survival. This is never truer than when we’re out adventuring in the backcountry, where the … Read more

Backpacking Food & Nutrition

backpackers cooking breakfast on canister stove

Backpacking Food Backpacking food has changed a lot since the days when Scouts bought chili and beef stew for their 50 milers and cooked dinner by setting the cans in the fire. Just in the past decade, a large number of suppliers have introduced a variety of tasty, nutritious dehydrated meals that eliminate a lot … Read more

Wilderness Fine Dining

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On the way to the outing, Scouts stopped at the grocery store and loaded up on enough canned chili and beef stew for the entire trip. At dinnertime, partially opened cans were set directly onto the coals of a camp fire. After a few minutes, we wrapped a dirty shirt around our hand and grabbed the bubbling food out of the fire, then took metal spoons and ate right out of the can. Later the cans were smashed, and buried away from the campsite. Today we have moved beyond cans to freeze-dried meals. Learn how to prepare them correctly. (Forward this to your backpacking friends.)