Best Hammock Underquilt for Winter Camping

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Overall Winner Best Hammock Underquilt

ENO Vulcan Hammock Underquilt

To make sure you do not have to worry about the cold, the ENO Vulcan hammock underquilt stuffs the product with PrimaLoft Synergy fill that is good down to 30-degrees. This hammock underquilt can take a beating thanks to the use of 20D durable water repellent ripstop nylon for the shell and 30D nylon Taffeta for the lining.

The ENO Vulcan hammock underquilt offers a wide range of features that make it one of the best choices regardless of what kind of hammock camping trip you have planned. If you want to backpack, this hammock underquilt can pack down into a reasonably small size at only 13″ x 8″.

It also does not hurt that the ENO Vulcan hammock underquilt employs a differential cut, so the underquilt feels tighter than the exterior. Even with this cut, the soft Taffeta lining still affords 48″ of width room, so you do not have to worry about bunching the fabric up in your sleep.

Bottom Line: Even the ENO Vulcan hammock underquilt’s flaws are manageable while its combination of solid insulation, durable construction, and comfortable design makes it a natural choice.


Hammocks are one of the oldest sleeping arrangements after the pallet that still holds up today, even without improvement. Of course, we have improved hammocks since their inception, not in the least by expanding on different accessories to use with them.

Keep in mind, the hammock hanging from trees in a backyard might be comfortable, but it alone may not always present the best night’s sleep. A great example of this is hammock underquilt, which allows you to stay warm, sometimes even in freezing temperatures, making hammocks an excellent option for camping.

That is why we put together a list of the nine best hammock underquilt reviews of 2020, highlighting what each one does best. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you know what features will make your next night in a hammock as comfortable as any on an air mattress.

Looking for the best hammock quilts?

You’re in the right place! In this guide we will be covering the following:

  • What features to consider for hammock camping underquilts
  • Reviews of nine of the top camping underquilts on the market
  • Our unbiased #1 pick for the top hammock camping underquilt

What to Consider When Looking to Buy the Best Hammock Underquilts

Fill Materials & Temperature Ratings

The fill materials relate to the temperature rating, but it is essential to remember that high-end fill materials do not automatically make camping underquilts extremely warm. The way that the hammock insulation is arranged based on how the hammock underquilt is constructed also plays an important role.

That said, you should look for some kind of down fill if you can, even if you opt for a processed down. The thick feathers of down fill keep you warm better than synthetic insulation materials commonly used.

Keep in mind that down does not keep you warm as synthetic insulation materials when it gets wet, though some down fills come pretreated with polyurethane waterproofing. Of course, a baffled seam construction not only provides more insulating properties but prevents the development of cold spots too.

Size & Weight

The size and weight of camping underquilts translate to 3 different specs: the unfolded size, the packed size, and the weight. As far as the weight goes, this aspect only truly matters if you are backpacking or plan to hike to a remote campsite.

The size, however, matters for most people with a large hammock underquilt generally preferred to smaller ones. It is worth keeping in mind that most hammock underquilts are long enough for the average person, but not all of them are wide enough.

Much like with weight, the packed size of a hammock underquilt matters more when backpacking or hiking to a remote campsite. All the products reviewed come with a stuff sack, although often these tend to be a bit bulkier than necessary, and you may find purchasing a smaller separate sack may help compress the underquilt down further.

Materials & Durability

This is arguably one of the most critical factors in no small part due to the regular exposure of a hammock underquilt to the world. Unlike an air mattress and sleeping bag, hammock underquilts are almost always exposed to nature when in use.

As such, the durability of the materials and weave matter a little bit more for long term purposes. Looking for hammock underquilts that have a high denier or “D” fabric will extend the lifespan of the product.

It is also a good idea to look for camping underquilts that applies a waterproof, durable water repellent or DWR, to the shell.

The “Fit”

The fit of a hammock underquilt should not be the most important factor, assuming that it is large enough for you to sleep comfortably. Of course, there are fringe cases where you might want to sleep more than one person in a single hammock underquilt, and that calls for a specially-sized model.

On the other hand, some hammock underquilts use a differential cut where the interior lining is smaller than the exterior lining. This helps keep you centered in the hammock underquilt while you sleep and prevents you from bunching the fabric if you toss and turn.

Setup & Versatility

For versatility, the main thing to consider is whether the hammock underquilt works as well with every kind of hammock or no hammock at all. Extra small or extra large hammock underquilts, as well as those made for specific brands, are not always universally sized.

Another thing to consider is how well a hammock underquilt performs as an everyday, old quilt in other circumstances. While a differential cut might go a long way to making underquilts more comfortable and warmer while used on a hammock, it also makes it a bit awkward to use as a traditional quilt.

In terms of setup, the main thing to consider is how the hammock underquilt fastens both to the hammock and to the hammock suspension systems. While securing a hammock underquilt to supports is easy enough, not all of them play as well when fixed to a hammock too.

Complete your Hammock System with…

Best Hammock Underquilt: The Results

REI Co-op Hammock Underquilt

Best Hammock Underquilt Combo


REI Co-op started as an outdoor gear retailer before putting their years of experience into making reliable products of their own. This allows the REI Co-op hammock underquilt to provide plenty of features and functionality for those strapped for cash than some of their competitors, though the company strives for vertical integration.

The REI Co-op hammock underquilt is warm thanks to its 160 g hammock insulation that is rated for 30-degrees and does not disappoint like some of the competition. On top of that, this is one of the larger hammock underquilts on our list with an excellent 85″ length and a 51″ width, which is one of the widest that we reviewed.

Unfortunately, that large size and solid insulation come with a bit more packing issues than some of the other entries on our list with a 16″ x 8″ packed size. On top of that, the REI Co-op hammock underquilt may not work for every arrangement as this model is explicitly designed to be used with REI Co-op branded hammocks and does not employ a universal design.

Thankfully, the space this hammock underquilt occupies does not extend to weight as this product comes in at just a hair under average at 1 lb 10 oz.


  • Temperature rating of 30F
  • Is 85″ x 51″
  • Only weighs 1 lb 10 oz
  • Is less expensive


  • Is not universal
  • Is not compact

Bottom Line: The REI Co-Op hammock underquilt may not be the best option for everyone, but if you have an REI hammock, this model fits it like a glove.

ENO Ember 2 Hammock Underquilt

Most Durable Hammock Underquilt


Eagles Nest Outfitters or ENO first enters our list thanks to its impressive construction, which stands as the most durable on our list. The ENO Ember 2 hammock underquilt has a 40D DWR Ripstop Nylon Shell and 30D Nylon Taffeta Lining, so you do not have to worry about its longevity or weather resistance.

As if that were not enough, this hammock underquilt is by far one of the best hammock underquilts for backpackers thanks to its compact size. In terms of space, this hammock underquilt only occupies a 12″ x 6 ½” profile while it sits just under the average weight at 1 lb 9 oz.

If this underquilts weight were a little lower, it would also be the most portable entry that we found. Unfortunately, the combination of a great build that is also easily carried pushes the value of the ENO Ember 2 hammock underquilt below some of its competitors.

On top of that, the high-loft polyester insulation is only has a temperature rating of 40-degrees but tends to work best when the temperature is 50-degrees or more. On the other hand, this is one of the longer underquilts that we reviewed at 95″ with a generous width of 45″.


  • Uses 40D/30D fabric
  • Is 95″ long
  • Only weighs 1 lb 9 oz
  • Pack down to 12″ x 6 ½”


  • Is more expensive
  • Not the warmest at 40 F rating

Bottom Line: With its 40D DWR Ripstop Nylon Shell and 30D Nylon Taffeta Lining, the ENO Ember 2 hammock underquilt is easily the most durable option we reviewed.

Enlightened Equipment Revolt

Best Custom Hammock Underquilt


Enlightened Equipment makes many great products for a variety of niches and needs, which is why it comes as no surprise that the company considered the needs of everyone. This comes through perfectly when you consider that this is the only hammock underquilt on our list that allows you to customize the specs along numerous spectrums.

For example, while the Enlightened Equipment Revolt hammock underquilt is not the only model on our list to come in different sizes, it is the only one to offer a shorter size better suited for ultralight backpacking. However, it is the custom insulation options that present far more versatility, allowing you to select the temperature rating that best suits your climate of choice– down to 10-degrees.

Of course, when anything comes custom, it seldom comes cheap, and the Enlightened Equipment Revolt might not be the best option for those looking for a budget-friendly hammock underquilt. On top of that, even the longest model is still only 75″ which is significantly shorter than any of the other options that we reviewed.

The Enlightened Equipment Revolt weighs less than any competitor we reviewed between 10 ½ oz. Though you may want to be careful as this hammock underquilt is not the most durable with both the shell and liner using 10D nylon.


  • Rated for 40 F to 10 F
  • Weighs between 7.8 oz to 1 lb 6 ½ oz
  • Easy to use
  • Has custom options


  • Is more expensive
  • Smaller than most

Bottom Line: The Enlightened Equipment Revolt definitely lives up to its namesake as one of the lightest options we encountered, not to mention it is also customizable.

ENO Vulcan Hammock Underquilt

Most Comfortable Hammock Underquilt


As the only brand that specializes exclusively in hammocks and their accessories, it only makes sense that ENO would make another appearance on our list, being one of the most comfortable underquilts. It accomplishes it in a couple of ways, first with the use of nylon Taffeta in the lining combined with a differentially cut style.

On top of that, the ENO Vulcan works just well regardless of the hammock you use. Even better, this hammock underquilt offers a bit more warmth and insulation than some of its competitor’s thanks to its PrimaLoft Synergy insulation that has a 30-degree temperature rating.

Sadly, all of these features drive the production cost of this model up despite it already being a bit smaller than many of the other models we reviewed. This is also not the most ideal underquilt for backpackers as it almost weighs 2 pounds, coming in just shy at 1 lb 14 oz.

On the other hand, the value rises a bit thanks to the use of 20D ripstop nylon with DWR coating for the shell and 30D nylon Taffeta for the lining. The ENO Vulcan also packs up smaller than many of its competitors at only 13″ x 8″.


  • Use 30D/20D fabrics
  • 30 F degrees temperature rating
  • More comfortable than most
  • Packs down to 13″ x 8″


  • Is more expensive
  • Heavier than most

Bottom Line: The ENO Vulcan hammock underquilt is not only one of the more durable options on our list; it includes numerous design features that increase its comfort too.

Kammok Firebelly

Most Versatile Hammock Underquilt

KAMMOK Firebelly 30°F - Down Trail Quilt, Water Resistant, Durable, Compact and Packable, Indoor/Outdoor Camp Blanket (88 in × 54 in) - Granite Gray
  • WARM DOWN INSULATION: The Firebelly 30ºF backpacking quilt features Downtek responsibly sourced, water-repellent down, so water beads up and rolls right off. Downtek down absorbs 30% less water and dries 60% faster than untreated down, retaining more loft and keeping you warmer after exposure to moisture. The Insotect Flow honeycomb structure of insulation ensures even distribution of warmth, eliminating cold spots to keep you toasty while keeping the insulation securely in place.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE TRAVEL BLANKET: At 88 in × 54 in, the Firebelly 30ºF packs down and compresses into a water-resistant rolltop stuff sack for dry storage on-the-go. The rolltop doubles as a handle for convenient carrying or clipping onto your pack. The Firebelly 30ºF is your go-to insulator for chilly camp nights, on the bleachers, and on road trips.
  • DURABLE AND WATER-RESISTANT: Our Atmos X 15D nylon ripstop outer shell is stronger, lighter, and more abrasion-resistant. Treated with a water repellent DWR finish, rain, dirt, and messes shake right off keeping you dry and warm.
  • ULTRA-VERSATILE AND MULTIPLE MODES: Ready for every adventure, the Firebelly 30ºF can be used as a camp blanket or hammock underquilt. On the ground, ditch a traditional sleeping bag for a lighter alternative by attaching the Firebelly to your sleeping pad using the included sleeping pad straps. Create a cozy footbox using the YKK button snaps and shock cord ends.

The Kammok Firebelly hammock underquilt wins hands down on versatility – thanks to YKK button steps and adjustable shock cords you can use this “technical blanket” as a (1) sleeping bag, (2) top quilt or (3) as a hammock underquilt.

While not the thickest we came across, to keep you warm this model still employs a 750 DownTek insulation that can stand temperatures as low as 30-degrees. Even better, the Firebelly uses higher-quality materials than some of its competitors, including Atmos X nylon for the lining and 40D Diamond Shell nylon for the exterior. This is also one of the larger hammock underquilts on our list with a length of 86″ and a width of 54″– the second widest option that we reviewed.

Yet again, the high-end build quality of the Kammok Firebelly reduces its viability compared to budget-friendly options for some people. It also does not help that this underquilt weighs in a touch heavier than average at 28 ½ oz– though it packs into a more compact profile than most at only 13″ x 6 ½”.

While the interior fabric may not be anything to brag about, the 40D nylon shell is tied for the second most durable on our list and has a polyurethane waterproofing to help keep you dry.


  • Adjustable Shock cords allow for great versatility
  • Is 86″ x 54″
  • Rated for 30 F
  • Packs down to 13″ x 6 ½”
  • Uses high-end materials


  • Is more expensive
  • Heavier than most

Bottom Line: The Kammok Firebelly hammock underquilt offers a solid all-around experience, covering every major base for a high-quality 3-season model.

OneTigris Shield Cradle Double Hammock Underquilt

Best Double Hammock Underquilt

OneTigris Shield Cradle Hammock Underquilt for Double & Single Hammocks, Large Wide Camping Blanket for Adults & Kids Hammock Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Travel, Backyard, Beach, Indoor, Outdoor
  • ★ Large Size: Dimensions in 8.2ft *5.6ft (250 *170cm), the OneTigris SHIELD CRADLE is both a single and a double hammock underquilt, can be used with almost all camping hammocks on on the market today, great fit for double hammocks, allows you to laying asymmetrical or diagonally to get best comfort in your hammock
  • ★ Premium Material: Featuring 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell with a DWR coating and 300T Polyester Pongee Lining, SEE Polyester Filling that's ripstop, wind-proof & water repellent, a simple yet effective barrier between you and the elements outside
  • ★ 4 Seasons Quilt: Comfortable temperature in 40°F ~ 68°F (5°C ~ 20°C), great way to extend the hammock camping season, great option to extend the hammock camping season to whole year; combine the underquilt and insulation of a sleeping bag and you get a winter hammock sleeping system
  • ★ Quick Setup: Assembled bungee cord loops on both ends and strong carabiners for an easy and cozy fix to your hammock, very fast and easy to set up and take down, keeping you warm and toasty in chilly temperatures, no Cold Butt Syndrome (CBS) anymore
  • ★ Compressible & Portable: This double under quilt weighs only 2.75Ib (1250g), and comes with a free compression stuff sack to compress into a small size for easy carrying and store, perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, traveling, beach, indoor & outdoor use

The OneTigris Shield Cradle fully lives up to its name with a size that puts all of the competition to bed. Not only is this the longest underquilts on our list at 98 ½”, but it is also the widest model we found as well at 66″ which is a full 1′ wider than the next closest competitor.

What makes this all the more surprising is that the OneTigris Shield Cradle works better for those with a limited budget too. Of course, when you consider that this product can cover two people at the same time, the value only increases.

Of course, a budget-friendly option has to pay for itself somewhere, and the OneTigris Shield Cradle is not the warmest entry we reviewed, suitable only for 40-degree weather at the coldest– despite the use of 200 g/m2 SEE polyester insulation. More predictably, the massive size of this model also leads to a heavier weight, the heaviest on our list, at nearly 3 pounds. To counter this, we would highly recommend careful consideration of the double sleeping bag you pair this with.

Thankfully, that inexpensive approach does not fall short for durability as the 20D water repellent ripstop nylon shell, and 20D ripstop nylon lining is stronger than you would expect.


  • Uses 20D/20D fabrics
  • The largest reviewed
  • Can fit two people
  • Is less expensive


  • Not the warmest
  • Heavier than most

Bottom Line: When combined with a double sleeping bag, the OneTigris Shield Cradle double hammock underquilt is the perfect combo for couples looking to hang in warmth.

OneTigris Night Protector

Best Warm Season Hammock Underquilt

OneTigris Night Protector Ultralight Hammock Underquilt, Full Length Camping Quilt for Hammocks Warm 3-4 Seasons, Weighs only 28oz, Great for Camping Hiking Backpacking Traveling Beach
  • Premium Materials: SEE Polyester Filling, 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell with a DWR coating and 300T Polyester Pongee Lining that's quick warm, comfy, wind-proof and water resistant
  • 4 Seasons Quilt: Comfortable temperature range 40°F ~ 68°F (5°C ~ 20°C), great option to extend the hammock camping season to whole year; combine the underquilt and insulation of a sleeping bag and you get a winter hammock sleeping system
  • Keeping You Warm: Full length and wide (9.2ft *4ft), designed to fit snugly to all standard sized hammocks, keeping you warm and toasty in chilly temperatures, no (Cold Butt Syndrome) CBS anymore
  • Quick Setup: Assembled bungee cord loops on both ends and strong carabiners for an easy and cozy fix to your hammock, very fast and easy to set up and take down
  • Compressible & Portable: Includes a free compression stuff sack to compress into a small size for easy carrying and store, perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities | Weighs 28oz/ 800g | Dimensions in 9.2ft *4ft

OneTigris makes another appearance on our list thanks in large part due to budget-friendly pricing that these products offer compared to more prestigious brands. While not the largest that we reviewed, the OneTigris Night Protector is still the second-longest at 94 ⅘” with a generous width of 48″.

Much like the other OneTigris, the Night Protector underquilt is also surprisingly durable for its cost with a 20D DWR ripstop nylon shell and a 20D polyester Pongee lining. Even better, this model manages to avoid its brother’s weight issue and tips that scales at just below average with 1 lb 10 oz.

Unfortunately, one of the flaws this entry could not clean up was the warmth issue, despite also employing a 200 g/m2 SEE polyester insulation. Also, instead of paying for the OneTigris Night Protector with high costs, you have to pay for it with time as it is not the easiest hammock underquilt to set up.

Still, this underquilt avoids another issue its big brother suffers thanks to a more packable profile that only takes up 13″ x 8″ of space. This OneTigris hammock underquilt also aims to keep you a bit more comfortable with the use of a 300T weave with the polyester Pongee lining.


  • Uses 20D/20D fabrics
  • Is 94 ½” long
  • Only weight 1 lb 10 oz
  • Is less expensive


  • Not the easiest
  • Not the warmest

Bottom Line: When you live in a warmer climate and need a hammock underquilt, the OneTigris Night Protector is durable and will not smother you in heat.

Outdoor Vitals StormLoft

Best Backpacking Hammock Underquilt

Outdoor Vitals focuses primarily on sleeping bag and hammock products, which makes perfect sense why they would offer one of the best hammock underquilts for backpackers. For one, this is the lightest full-size products that we reviewed, tipping the scales at only 1 lb 4 oz.

On top of that, the Outdoor Vitals StormLoft also packs down smaller than most of the competition with a packed profile of only 12″ x 7″. What makes this all the more surprising is that this is also one of the warmest hammock underquilts we came across thanks to its powder down 800 fill that advertises a 0-degree temperature rating.

On the other hand, this model tends to be a bit more challenging to set up than many of its competitors, though that is in large part because it includes more functional features too.

Still, the excellent build does increase the price range of the Outdoor Vitals StormLoft, which does not help the smaller size any.

Thankfully, this model protects better against the wind thanks to a button-close shell. The Outdoor Vitals StormLoft also employs a fully-baffled construction and a closed foot box.


  • Rated for 0-degrees
  • Only weight 1 lb 4 oz
  • Packs down to 12″ x 7″
  • More weather-resistant than most


  • Is more expensive
  • Not the easiest

Bottom Line: The Outdoor Vitals StormLoft is easily one of the more impressive and complete packages on our list whose compact size makes it ideal for backpackers.

GEERTOP Portable Hammock Quilt

Best Budget Hammock Underquilt

GEERTOP Ultralight Hammock Underquilt for Camping Full Length Camp Hammock Underquilts Warm 3-4 Seasons Essential Outdoor Survival Gear for Hiking Backpacking Travel
  • 【Waterproof & Soft Material】Geertop hammock under quilt for camping - 20D 380T waterproof nylon plaid fabric Shell with soft 300 T polyester pongee lining; Imitation silk floss Filling, skin - friendly, comfortable
  • 【Pleasant Temperatures Range】Hammock underquilt is great for comfortable temperatures range from 41°F - 68°F(5°C-20°C), perfect to extend the camping hammock time, spring, summer, autumn, or even in warmer winter days keep you warm
  • 【Set Up in Few Seconds】Hammock quilt comes the elastic strap on both ends, short bungee cord loops for an easy and cozy fix to your hammock, very fast and easy to set up and take down this hammock quilt in seconds
  • 【Lightweight & Compact Size】Ultralight camping hammock under quilt weighs only about 1.87 lbs, come with a compression stuff sack into a small size for easy carrying and save space. It is perfect for camping, backpacking ,hunting, outdoor activities, mountaineering
  • 【Under quilts Fits Most Hammocks】Hammock quilt fits most standard hammock size - Length 98.42 inches, maximum width 55.1 inches, long enough to hold your hammock from head to end, and wide enough to wrap the sides and bottom of your hammock; Combine the comfort of a sleeping bag and the insulating of a hammock, make it easier to fit with any standard size hammock, keeping you warm in cold weather

GEERTOP is not the most well-known company, but they more than make up for their lack of experience by offering one of the best values that we found. A great example of this value comes with the materials that are both more durable and more comfortable than competitors costing many times more.

In terms of durability, the GEERTOP comes with a 20D DWR ripstop nylon shell. For comfort, this model uses a 300T polyester Pongee lining as well as a 380T shell weave, both combined with synthetic silk insulation.

However, that synthetic insulation is more comfortable than it is insulating as the GEERTOP rates for 40-degree weather on its best day. This is also not the best underquilt to take backpacking as it weighs 1 lb 14 oz, though it packs down well enough to only 14″ x 4 ⅔”.

As icing on top, the GEERTOP is one of the longest on our list at 89 ½”– though it is also one of the most narrow at only 25 ½”.


  • Uses 20D fabrics
  • Is 89 ½” long
  • More comfortable than most
  • Is less expensive


  • Not the warmest
  • Heavier than most

Bottom Line: The GEERTOP hammock underquilt not only provides excellent value in general but offers the size, durability, and comfort of models that cost significantly more.

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